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  1. Homeowners, have you had any issue with vinyl flooring? Seems like vinyl flooring is a cheap way to get a great look but heard it is totally incompatible with water. Of course, when you go to the shops, the salesmen will swear by their waterproofing, but when you drill down the fineprint, they void warranty for water damage. Any thoughts?
  2. there are youtube videos showing the use of a plastic tube to slide clownfish down into the nem in a bid to force hosting. long story short, it is alot of effort for a result that would probably occur naturally with time. clownfish are pretty (cutely) stupid fish, and will stick their heads and bodies pretty much everywhere. the wife used to be very worried our clownfish would not host our nems (which were introduced only a year after we had them); took a few months but they eventually realised they could stick their heads and asses into the nems - now impossible to separate them. good luck!
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