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  1. I definitely won’t buy. If this is a master piece, then you should keep it and slowly enjoy. Don’t take this forum as a way to rip any new comers. Gsp is not that expensive after all. Who care how long it takes to be on the Skelton head
  2. Are you doing day light robbery? $88 for gsp???!!!
  3. I have if you want Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  4. Definitely it’s a buyer and seller market. Problem is, there are some that are new and got “smoked” by reseller. Seriously if everyone is out here to make a profit, this hobby won’t be sustainable in the long run. Not everyone is a millionaire. Good if you are one and willing to pay. Good luck
  5. Anyone has some green monti to spare? Looking for plating type.. I have red monti if can swap
  6. This type of people really damage this hobby. If want to make profit, go open a shop and sell. Buy and flip is so not ethical. I would rather buy from LFS to support them. Give us a break... rip off
  7. Hi, my friend is looking for pulsing Xenia. New to the hobby. Mine died.. so can’t pass to him. Do let me know if you are selling. If you are trying to rip off by selling it expensive, then don’t bother
  8. Hey bro your YT doesn’t look like going to survive Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  9. Good size. Bought for $90 from SAS. feeding well.
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