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  1. Purchased from a reefer back in Oct 2020. I am 2nd owner. Selling as I want to downsize my chiller. Deal in Woodlands, 732717.
  2. - 2x Seachem Tidal 55 HOB filter $60 each. Take both for $100. - Digital thermostat plug - $18 - Aquaknight LED - $60 Deal in Woodlands.
  3. Used since March 2019 for water top up. Condition 10/10 as covered with plastic. Comes with plumbling fittings, wrench and spare hose to cut for your desired length. Looking at only S$150/-. Cash and carry in Woodlands Dr 70. For more info: https://jezier.net/product/ro-di-purify-ultra/
  4. 01 IM SR60 Tank 36" x 24" x 16", 10mm high clarity glass 01 IM SR60 Stand 01 IM Custom Caddy 04 IM Spin Stream Nozzle 01 Filter sock holder 02 Return Pumps 01 JEBAO SW4 01 IM Ghost Skimmer (large) 01 Cooling Fan 15 L jerry can ON Pellets Eheim 16/22mm connector Deep six hydrometer Api kh test kit (used less than 5 times) Hose holder Leftover reef salt Wakemaker jvp102 Acrylic isolation box Aquarium glass cleaners All for S$400/-.
  5. Maxspect 180W sold. Upz for SR60 & RODI.
  6. Upz Viewing/ deal in Woodlands Dr 70. S(732717). PM for details or contact.
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