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  1. Rainbow Infusion 3polyp $20. Mohawk >4polyp $15 Cateye 2polyp $15
  2. Nice big bleached, soaked and cured rock. $20. Around 14" x 8" x 10"
  3. Looking for Utter Chaos for trade with sunflower or cateye.
  4. finding for one clown pair. please pm me with pictures and price if you have one pair available.
  5. Giving away. To clear by today. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  6. Goby unsure of ID, 4". Prefer to trade for other fish or corals.
  7. Powder brown sold. Upz for goby
  8. Spotted Goby 5inch $15 Powder Brown Tang 3inch $25 Open to trade as well.
  9. Looking for CUC, especially Cleaner Shrimp, Fire Shrimp, blue and red tuxedo urchin.
  10. Seriously? Lol. Couldn't find any Agogo on Google. It's a name that familiar with the lfs I guess.
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