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  1. Interested in your 6 line, PM me if still available, thanks.
  2. let me know if still available.
  3. hi, have you got any pic of the sump?
  4. might want to check your trace minerals, or add them in if you havent. might have been depleted.
  5. Hi, do you still have any chaeto?
  6. How long u had the pair before they start spawning??
  7. Congrats!! any survival from the previous batches??
  8. any corals in your tank? if no corals probably you can dose some medication to "clear" the water prior to next fish. if theres coral probably you want to leave it empty for 3 to 4 weeks until you intro fish. medication cant kill virus, UV can but have to cycle through it providing your water flow for that UV is correct.
  9. tried rubber pads, reduces vibration a lot. But is it normal for HOF to be noisy? bought a new Gex HOF, noisy even before i add the rubber pad.
  10. the old HOF was even louder and vibrate more, cleaned and checked but still the same. so i bought a brand new HOF yesterday, quieter but still vibrates. so i wonder if this is normal. nv use HOF before. will try to dampen the vibration. looking for external mini canister also to replace that HOF.
  11. dont know if this thread is still active, but does the hang-on filter cause vibration on the glass of the tank? because mine does and I dont think its good for the fishes. Just adopted the tank and fishes from my colleague.
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