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  1. I will reserve for you with a small deposit. Will contact u on Whatsapp.
  2. Selling a beautiful Elegance Coral from my tank. More information below: Species: Catalaphyllia jardinei Common Name: Elegance Coral Origin: Indonesia Care Level: Beginner Color: Daylight: Mostly beige/pink, with white tipped tentacles. Actinic: Jade green Water Params: Salinity: 1.025 Temp: 26 - 27c Alk / Cal / Mg: Not fussy as long as stable. Size: ~21cm wide (fully opened) ~12cm high (fully opened) Temperament: Non aggressive. Peaceful with small fis
  3. I have the same problems. Losing my fish every other week because of ich. (or at least thats what I suspect) Been adding garlic to their food, in the hope of trying to strengthen their system to get over the disease. Also try to feed them a little more, making sure they eat. So far - all the surviving live stock are the ones that are eating heavily. Then I came across Polyp Lab Medic. Had good reviews on YouTube, so I decided to invest in a bottle. Wasn't cheap - about $60 in Singapore. You have to does twice a day when the lights are off. Note that this DOES NOT get rid of ich
  4. Anyone know if there is a stock of Royal Grammas for sale anywhere? I want it!!!
  5. being abit kiasu, i will replace the removed amount with fresh saltwater immediately.
  6. I'm using a Hailea 1/10 chiller for my Reefer 170. The noise is very much like an AC compressor - it comes on when the temp goes too high, and shuts off when it's within specified ranges. It's not that loud, but noticeable, especially if your home is very quiet. I have mine in the living room. When there are people around, or when the TV is on, you will not hear it. But at night, it tends to be quite clear if you pay attention to it. Thinking of upgrading to Arctica later.
  7. Madpetz (Ang Mo Kio) sell them for $15 per 25 liters. This is good for big water changes, and you don't have the time / facilities to generate a huge amount of water in your home. Just pick up in store. Make sure to pre order first.
  8. The sediment & carbon filters can generally last for 6 months. The membrane - probably 2 years (they say). Then finally, the DI resin lifespan will depend on the quality of all the filters before it. A few months, maybe. Fortunately, all these can be easily and affordably replaced. just do a TDS check after every batch of water made. If it's no longer 0, it's time to change your filter(s).
  9. As you know, there are lots of scenarios when you are required to take some water out of your tank: Acclimating fish/corals Coral dipping and rinsing water chemistry testing My question is - these activities cause the overall water level to dip, thus requiring our Auto Top Off to kick in - which, in turn, results in lowering the salinity. Is this not a problem? To me, this seems like an obvious issue, but no one seem to be talking about it. Am I worrying for nothing?
  10. wow so many places I never knew existed!! awesome. I only knew about FNM and Madpetz
  11. if you're cycling, there's no need to have the lights turned on just yet.
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