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  1. Hi Reefer buddies, I have a new batch of live phytoplankton available this weekend. Please DM to enquire about orders. For repeat customers, you know my mobile number!! 350ml - $6 500ml - $8 Self collection at this time only. For more info, visit https://phytoguy.sg/ .Or just DM me lah!
  2. Hello Reefers, Anyone interested in some live phytoplankton to dose into your reef tank? I've harvested some fresh phyto recently and have some leftover for sale. What do I do with Phytoplankton, I hear you ask? Well, phytoplankton forms the basic food source for most animals in the marine environment, ranging from micro-zooplankton like Copepods and Rotifers, up to bigger fellas like soft corals, fish and clams. Regular dosing of this 'green stuff' ensures the most basic needs of your sea water zoo is met. I would recommend dosing 10ml per 100l of water as a start, and increasing as necessary. Alternatively, you can mix this with AB+, reefroids, or your food of choice to make a super food solution - and target feed your coral buddies. YUM!!!! I have 2 bottle sizes available - 350ml for $6, and 500ml for $8. Only self collection is available at this time as I am tying down details with a delivery partner soon. You can leave me a DM with your orders or visit https://phytoguy.sg/ to submit your orders. I usually connect via Whatsapp, but if u prefer an alternate form of communication (SMS, Telegraph, Fax, Snail Mail), lemme know. Oh, and did I mention I have LIMITED supply??
  3. Hi Reefers, I have a fresh batch of live Phytoplankton available for reef tanks. Had some issues harvesting over the last weeks due to hot weather, but all good now! Small bottle (350ml) - $6 Large bottle (500ml) - $8 DM for orders, or visit https://phytoguy.sg --- Phytoplankton is an important food source for any reef tank and forms the foundation of the food chain within the marine environment. Organisms that require Phyto includes small fish, most corals (LPS, SPS), copepods and clams. A small dose daily goes a long way. Recommended dosage: 10ml per 100l of tank water Storage: Keep in refridgerator at all times. Stores for up to a month of bottling.
  4. Another fresh batch available! DM for orders!
  5. Hi Reefers, I have another batch of FRESHLY harvested live phytoplankton for your reef tank. This is a bigger batch, so hopefully I can support more orders from you. Thank you so much for supporting me! --- Phytoplankton is the basic foundation in your marine reef tank. This serves as a primary food source for numerous organisms, such as copepods, rotifers, some corals, fish and clams. Dosing a small amount daily will ensure the upkeep of the health of the livestock in your tank. Recommended Dosing: 10ml per 100l Phyto Strain: Tetraselmis Cost: $6 for 350ml / $8 for 500ml Collection: Holland Road DM for more info or visit https://phytoguy.sg
  6. Thanks for the support! All sold out. More coming soon.
  7. Hi Reefers, I have a fresh batch of Phytoplankton harvested today. If you're interested in some, please DM and let me know. --- Phytoplankton is the basic foundation of your reef tank. This is a nutritious food source for many aquatic animals that live in your tank, including zooplankton (copepods/rotifers), numerous corals, clams and some fish. Dosing Phyto in your tank will ensure that a balanced ecosystem is maintained. Recommended dosage: 10ml per 100l of water daily Available in 350ml ($6) and 500ml ($8) bottles, freshly packed upon order. Collection at Holland Road. Due to the number of responses, I am unable to do delivery at this time. Apologies!! Happy holidays and happy reefing!!! https://phytoguy.sg
  8. Thanks all!! Sold out. Happy Holidays!
  9. Due to the holiday season, there is no delivery service available at this time. Sorry!!!
  10. I have harvested a fresh batch of live phyto ready to be sold! Good for maintaining the health and basic food source of your reef tank. Available in 350ml or 500ml bottles. Collection at Holland Road. DM me for order info, or visit https://phytoguy.sg Limited amounts available, so hurry!
  11. Sorry mates.. I'm sold out! Thank you for the enquiries!!
  12. Hey Fellow Reefers.. I have a new batch of LIVE Phytoplankton ready for harvest tomorrow. Limited quantities available as pre-orders have been fulfilled. Please DM me to give me your orders. --- Description: Phytoplankton is a fantastic addition to your reef tank as a basic food source for the micro-organisms (rotifers, copepods and other zooplankton) that lives within your marine eco-system. In addition, this is also commonly consumed by larger animals such as fish, soft corals and clams. Dosing Phyto will not drive up your nutrient levels. In some cases, it actually helps manage levels by consuming access Nitrates. Dosage recommendation: 10ml per 100l of water Phyto Strain: Tetraselmis Storage: 1 month refrigerated 350ml bottle for $6 500ml bottle for $8 Collection at Holland Road, or +$5 for islandwide delivery
  13. Sorry, sold out! Next harvest: Mid Week (Wednesday~Thursday)
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