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  1. Sorry, typo, it shld be 15mm. Thx for recommending Ian, I had contacted him
  2. The current smaller tank has aluminum frame for strenght. Appearance of the tank is not that important as it is used mainly for testing.
  3. Hi everyone, Happy Chinese New Year! My lab needs a new acrylic water tank for our robots and gave me a last minute notice to source for vendors. The dimension is 5m length, 1.2m width and 1.2m depth. The acrylic wall should be about 1.5mm thick. Can any vendor or tank maker here PM me if you are interested? Please leave your contact number. The closing date is tomorrow evening as we need to clear the budget by Wednesday. Thank you!
  4. Is Sibu island the one facing south china sea? The one with oen or two Kelong for fishing? Tink last time I go is about $100 per person..but 10 years ago
  5. Haha, k, I be more specific. I looking for a nice relaxing getaway in a beach house overlooking the sea with hopefully no tankers in sight. It preferrebly be near Singapore as I can only affort to take 2 or 3 days off. If can do some fishing will be nice. Most importantly must be safe and romatic.
  6. Hi, can anyone recommend a nice and relaxing weekend getaway for 2/3 days near Singapore? Planning one in December in advance.
  7. Bro, wrong place to post.. But nice tank!
  8. Hi Dleecool and Weisoon, for your very fast adn useful advises.
  9. Hi all, I need some advise from PayPal users . I will be buying an electronic component from a vendor in UK and the payment will be done through PayPal. I had just open a PayPal acct but still not very sure how it operates. Isit that PayPal will deduct the amt from my debit card automatically when I pay to the vendor's email acct? in advance .
  10. Bro, if really want blue tang can get from Aquamarin. They have one whole tank of really small blue tang. Some only 1cm in length. But the bad tink abt very small blue tang is that they die easier. I used to have one abt 1cm long but die within one wk.
  11. Lot 35 has a super big frogfish. Whole length is abt 25cm long. Last week has super big starfish and now this. Wonder who will buy?
  12. Wow .. u planning to keep sps?
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