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  1. Hi bro, u bought locally from LFS? maybe can get help from distributor. If got online, u can buy from TB. Not sure if its same. Good luck hope got help u. 1.0微OsVKXsPEcm2哈 https://m.tb.cn/h.f3wyUHL?sm=af77dd AC ADAPTER原装12.0V2.0A电源适配器型号:TDX-1202000 Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. all sold, mod pls close thread Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  3. Harvest time, Phytoplankton tetraselmis growth looking good- Green green water, seems very susceptible to cross contamination from what i read, need to handle with care Apex pods seems growing also, little buggers crawling around. Phyto and pods are good to add to tank bio diversity. Coral grafting no jutsu update Seems to be infusing more and more, red covering green, green covering back. Hopefully end result will be good. Seems only for plating monti and not all types suitable, tried dino egg monti but coral warfare [emoji24]. Next up get purple monti and see if can fuse. Maybe only red and green can graft otherwise market shld be alot of grafted variety. But just try try and enjoy the process. Helping a bro with Lobo recovery update Initial Currently, need ensure no algae growing on skeleton to help with recovery and feeding variety of coral food Original as purchased- colors are sick Hopefully will make full recovery and color up. Time for fishy update Baby bengal cardinals growing fine, feeding on TDO pallets and frozen mysis. Still looking for forever home; Pls PM me if u interested Mandarin dragonet, beautiful fish, contrary to common belief that these fishes are difficult, i find they are relatively easy to keep, key is letting ur pods establish and dun go clean ur sandbed too much to prevent killing the microfauna. I actually dont siphon my sandbed at all [emoji28]. Not too sure if barebottom can support though. The pods need to be bottom dwelling (tisbe) and not those free floating like tigger pods. Disclaimer: All above my personal opinion [emoji56] My algae blenny- looking dope as usual [emoji51] Famous yellow tang, got it for like $60 last time, now $400-$600 ridiculous pricing due to hawaii fish ban, morale of story, like bit coin u never know when the price go crazy [emoji13]. So just buy the fish u like, who knows u huat big big next time. One of the most useless fish in my tank lol, seldom see it pick algae, just waiting for pellet food, got it like 50 cent coin and grow freaking fast. Super lazy and naughty fish which will splash water out asking for food and keep attacking my coral feeder thinking its another tang. if not for the movie dory, not likely to get this fish lol. Next is the MVP of my tank, the foxface, i called it PX1 the bubble algae terminator, eats hair algae too! Next is one of my favorites, Anthias, but i not sure what species, i also didnt feed “4 times” a day for this anthias, just once a day. Probably its the easy species of anthias that dont require constant feeding. I think it’s important the fish need to fit to ur schedule rather than u fit to fish requirments, not sustainable in the long run. My clowns as usual clowning around [emoji23], surprisingly all three get along fine and no aggression seen, everybody just mind their own business Lastly one of my favorites, reef safe angle, swallow tail angle, liked the yellow hue on its forehead and back, very graceful fish Thats all! Thanks for reading my ramblings and happy reefing. Wish y’all a great week ahead. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  4. All reserved by FHFL bro! Sankyu all. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  5. Hi reefers, Some frags to let go Interested PM or watsapp 92three5three22three self collect at my block woodlands priority will be given for bundle sales, thanks for understanding Zoas Combo ID - Cha pa lang (3 types) -$10 Bob marley, LA lakers, mohawk (dont bash me if i got the ID wrong, i not expert [emoji28]) Mini Colony of mohawk -$10 Tanky coral combo- pulsing xenia + little bit of GSP -$10 Pipe organ (i tink) -$10 Bubble gum chalice (i tink) - $10 Buy all for $40 Thanks for viewing and happy reefing! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  6. Also using a red sea skimmer, dont see the problem u describe. For the new chiller causing skimmer bubbles maybe is due to certain contaminants and skimmer trying to skim it out, maybe the previous owner did some flushing and there is still residue. Did u do your own flushing with DI water when u get ur chiller? Its best to do some flushing before running to ur main display. For skimmer causing bubble in tank Certain things u can check 1. Is ur skimmer overflowing and the bubbles flowing out? if so u need to tune down ur skimmer. 2. Maybe some leaks in ur skimmer body, u shld check it as well 3. u need to check ur water level in sump, if too low, return pump will pull in air and cause bubble into ur main display, when skimmer is on, the water level will drop, best is to see ur return pump in action to see if any abnormalities. For adding LPS with high nitrates, its depends on ur risk appetite and no 100% sure yes or no. Would recommend u to start off with softies like leather, mushrooms, den slowly move to hardier LPS like duncan. Personally feel euphyllias like torch hammer frogspawn can be tricky with brown jelly disease, euphyllia eating flatworms etc, and especially so when ur tank is new and more susceptible to parameters fluctuation. Golden advise in reefing is still to go slow and i feel it is still holds true today. Hope got help u. Happy reefing! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  7. Time for tank update Recently got my hands on live phyotoplankton, tink is tetraselmis. Day 1 Day 5 Seems growing, previously also tried but not using the F2 fertilizer and using skimmate as fertilizer, was thinking why not? supposedly phytoplankton are suppose to take in waste so just use skimate as fertilizer, so culture crashed even before started [emoji23] My Otaku setup as usual [emoji13], very chin + cai, will upgrade if successful next time haha Also started Culturing Apex pods So far still alive, not sure if reproducing, fingers crossed. My cha pa lang tank, so far some corals died, some corals thrive, so just move forward 1 step at a time. Thanks for reading Happy reefing! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  8. Reserved by FHFL bro! happy reefing all Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  9. Zoas ID- Cha pa lang (got 4 types i tink) - $10 Forest fire Digi -$10 Buy both -$15 Self collect woodlands PM or watsapp if interested 92three5three22three Thanks for viewing Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  10. Upz, Pls Pm if u interested but cannot take all. To clarify, the mysis is frozen not live mysis. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  11. Oh was dosing AB+ everyday and i noticed sps browning out and start stn, checked nitrates and phosphate were super high, stopped all AB+ dosing and perform water change over course of few weeks, stn gradually stop and measure the nitrate phosphate were sort of back to normal. i overestimated my filtration [emoji23]. hope got answer ur question. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  12. Quick update Helping a bro nursing a lobo. Initial 3 months back Currently Seems getting better. Been feeding a concoction of coral food. 1) Reef roids 2) Brightwell coral amino 3) FM minS 4) AB+ 5) Coral Frenzy 6) Goniopower Seems over i know lol, but i am coral food junkie haha, i tink those corals which evolve mouth, is best to feed it even though photosynthetic. The mouth is there to eat! haha. The key is to control the feeding and not over feed and crash your tank. I killed a number of acros by using too much AB+ and has since learn my lesson. This is what u call paying tuition fee in reefing [emoji23] Surprise to find the Pom Pom crab after so long, got it before covid and tot is dead but here i find it waving its Pom Pom in the dark. The Pom Pom is actually anemones,another interesting symbiosis from the ocean, but would not recommend getting them as cant really see them in action, think they only come out in the nite. Got another interesting inverts, a pair of Harlequin shrimps, this reminds me of the suicide squad crazy lady [emoji23]. Similar name and crazy coloration. Very interesting creatures, the way they move is also mesmerizing. One caveat in keeping them is they are obligate feeders of starfish. Just nice i am “aquaculturing” asterina stars to feed it [emoji38]. Great at hunting asterina stars, the poor starfish hiding in small crevice also manage to find it. Another cool point is both shrimp always hang out together and never far from each other. Are asterina pests or no? So far they dont seem to disturb coral but population seems to explode so some form of biological control is necessary. Thanks for reading and happy reefing! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  13. Hi reefers, Selling my home grown Banggai cardinals Feeding on TDO and starting to eat some small mysis. Size about 3cm from head to toe. Not for new tanks or beginners as they are still considered “teens” [emoji51]. Born on 1st May, now about 4months old. All 5 for -$50,no individual sales as prefer sell all at 1 go. Self collect at woodlands Pls PM or watsapp 92three5three22three Watsapp me if u wan see feeding video, thanks. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  14. Thanks all for the overwhelming response, all corals reversed by a FHFL cool bro. Sorry to those not replied. Sankyu all. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  15. Hi reefers, Clearing some overgrown stuff Self collect @ Woodlands Interested pls PM or watsapp 92three5three22three Leopard Disco -$10 Duno ID zoas -$10 multiple polyps Forest Fire Digi -$10 multi branch Duno ID sps-$10 Green zoas -$10 (7 pp) Buy all $40 plus free frag of GSP Plus free TP Elimni NP- only use few drops nia Priority goes to bundle deal. Thanks all! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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