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  1. U using rowa to lower phosphate for algae issues? u need to start slow. As age old advice in reefing, u need to be patient and not shock the system. Best to use less rowa at the start and monitor. Slowly increase the dose and do regular measurements. For algae issues, do find a root cause (over feeding, too high bio load and not establish nutrient export) and implement the stable export system. Sorry to tell u chances of comeback is near zero, i used to hope like u last time, but corals if they press self destruct button due to bad water parameters is likely gone case. Only exception i found
  2. collected by nice bro, thanks SRC. pls close thread Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  3. All tentative reserved with thanks to nice bro. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  4. GSP and Zoas reserved. Upz for rest Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  5. Time for fish update My male banggai cardinal has stop eating for few days now. Usually eats mysis alot. Hopefully is spawning as it seems holding stuff in its mouth, and i saw it behaving suspiciously with the female at the back of the tank at night a few days ago [emoji23]. Any seniors also see this? Can advise?? TIA [emoji120] [emoji4] oh boy..taking fish photo takes another level of skill [emoji23] and i tot taking corals photo is hard... Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  6. Hi reefers, Letting go some corals Leopard discosoma -$10 GSP-$10 Forest fire -$10 Combo zoas- RPE+green+ mohawk(i tink) -$10 Buy all -$30 plus free small monti (priority given for bundle sales) Self collect Admiralty. FCFS. Reservation with deposit applies. Interested pls PM/watsapp 92three5three22three Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  7. Best to go for sump and avoid IOS, very space limited to put equipment and makes it very cluttered. I had both and never going IOS route again Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  8. Sorry for your loss, happen to me too, scooter blenny jump out through the smallest gap, i tot wouldnt happen but it did. Need to cover all the gaps. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  9. i also use dry rocks from the start, caribsea purple dry rock, dont think that part of caribsea rock is true, my rock encrusted with coraline algae. alot ppl tend to conclude stuff without proper apple to apple comparison, so take with pinch of salt. Most important in reefing is patience, i have a QT system which i do nasty stuff to it and corraline algae just cant grow. once i stop all the funny stuff and just maintain proper schedule, i start to see corraline liao. Its all about parameters stability and things will grow eventually. Just need to be patient and slowly add fish coral. Hope it
  10. Never used or heard this salt before. May i ask whats the reason to change? costs? parameters? ease of mix? I changed mine from royal nature salt to tropic marin pro due to mixing issue. i find royal nature salt tends to clump after a while, tropic marin pro mixes very well and easy after awhile although its more expensive. End of day, salt is just salt, more expensive salts might have more QC in place which justifies its more expensive price tag. So u gotta ask urself, whats the reason to change? Does this change justify the risk taken? If not, dont fix what aint broken . Got a youtube
  11. I think there is 2 workarounds, dose nitrate to correct the imbalance. 2nd is feed exclusive frozen food as frozen is more natural so will contain the correct nitrate to phosphate ratio. Dry food contains additives that might skew the ratio. Just my thinking though. Both methods seems not very practical haha.. i think adding fish will not help cos u feed more dry food and the vicious cycle again.. another more cost effective method is dose lanthum chloride, but i read some reefers their tangs died so i bit scared scared try haha. think the byproduct can suffocate them. So u switch from alg
  12. No problem bro, this tread is for sharing info and learning journey. Feel free to ask. I am no expert also lol..Lots of pro reefer paiseh to post haha.. Yes i still use GFO, my thoughts is algae based filtration is good for nitrates but not phosphate, u see the red field ratio loh, 16 nitrates is to 1 phosphate, nitrates is gonna plunge super fast. my nitrates is super low compared to phosphate. my phosphate with GFO can keep below 0.1, without GFO its like 0.15-0.2. This is just based on my experience with this current tank, different tank different setup, maybe others will feel differently
  13. Maintenance day, scrap the glass clean, clean wavemaker. Didnt change water though..lazy sunday 🤭 My most colorful corner, The Chapalang Garden [emoji28] Consist favia, monti, shrooms, cloves,cyphastra, chalice. Side view some lowlights, coral casualties. My fav orange chalice receded after i hand itchy move its position, move back original position hope it makes recovery. infront is yellow spondages frag, drop into duncan coral and head become botak. hope it makes recovery. my single head hammer, its a fighter, dont wan to die, been slow recede for many many months,more than
  14. looks more like pistol shrimp i tink, unless its mantis shrimp baby [emoji23] Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  15. Quick update. Been using arm and hammer baking soda for good few months for Alk dosing, can say with confidence it works just as well compared to other commercial products. This can easily get from supermarket. i am using randy formula using baked baking soda. Old school. Also helps raise my pH. Good for cost down initiatives for this expensive hobby lol [emoji23]. Interested peeps can check below link http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2006-02/rhf/index.php Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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