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  1. Why Cultured Frags? Ever having to introduce pests to your amazing reef despite going thru the hassle of using coral dips and quarantine Eggs attached to our precious new loots can be dormant for weeks and unaffected by coral dips before hatching in the optimal environment when added to our main display. Commonly wild harvested corals depletes and destroy our beautiful reefs and suffers during the transition from the sea to our homes. Not only being affected by pest during the period of transportation, it will also be further stressed with a new environment in our tanks which som
  2. Live Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton A unicellular phytoplankton that is high in EPA, strained to a pure culture by our in-house culturing experts. One of the smallest phytoplankton at only a few micron in diameter. It is one of the best food source for filter feeders such as sponges, tube worm, artemias, rotifers, copepods, small larvae or animals Enrich your Brine Shrimp or Rotifier prior to feeding or simply feed your tank directly Simply pour into the tank near a flow source in your display tank and watch your Coral's polyp extend to feed and animals lavish at the new food
  3. Dear Reefers, Do you constantly fight with the issue of having high nutrients level? Ever thought that it could be a case whereby there is simply insufficient space for the bacteria to host on? Fret not! Siporax Bio media by Sera is available now! It is a highly porous bio media ring that has a special three-dimensional pore structure, allowing maximum surface for de-nitrifying bacteria to flourish All living bacteria needs a home, don't deprive them on one! Siporax 15mm Usual Price: $50/bag(2L) Promo Price: $40/bag(2L) Siporax 25mm Usu
  4. NPNT... Here are some of the test results that we did in house prior to recommending to our reefers community! Test is using SKIM MATE from our Bubble King Skimmer for our S5 4ft x 4ft Display Tank Without waiting for more than a minute after dosing, we are seeing instantaneous reaction: Check out the effects of Nite-Out II and Clarifier vs the original Skim Mate mix:
  5. Microbe-Lift A renowned USA Brand that carry out intensive R&D powerful enough for industrial use such as treating river pollution. We are proud to announce that Suprem5 Corals is now the Official Distributor for Microbe-Lift Marine in Singapore! Leveraging on their advance technology in the field, we bring to you: NITE-OUT II - Bacteria Blend that removes Ammonia & Nitrite for your maintenance/cycling needs THERAP - Seeding bacteria that reduces odor, nitrate, aids the breakdown of d
  6. Suprem3 Corals Unfortunately, the Government has extended the circuit breaker measures. In order to sustain, we need your support by letting us be a part in your circuit breaker Reefing journey! Suprem3 Corals & Suprem5 Corals will jointly provide: FREE DELIVERY ISLANDWIDE including Sentosa for any essential purchase from $19 onwards. Contactless delivery will be practiced! We will provide a FREE S-Hook on your first purchase and will hook your purchased items on your gate! To reward everyone for your continuous support, $10 Coral Voucher will be given with any e
  7. Dear Reefers, Do you know? There's ways to clean up your sand bed and enjoy clear water using natural bacteria? Give Gravel and Substrate Cleaner & Clarifier a try! Here's some that we thought might aid you this week! For Reefers, By Reefers, Team Suprem3
  8. What do we love about Coral RX? Check out BRS team's detailed breakdown on why it is voted as best 2019 coral dip
  9. Hi, Royal Gramma has been sold. Stay tuned for future announcements
  10. Sick of manual dosing or forgetting to dose after a long day's work? Kamoer Dosing Pump pre-order Focus on the more important things in life! Offering you up to 25% off SRP: Kamoer F4 Wi-Fi (SRP$325) Kamoer X4 Wi-Fi (SRP$368) Kamoer X4 Plus (SRP$428) New model: Kamoer X1 (SRP$79)Kamoer Dosing Pump pre-order All sets will come with 12 months local warranty! Don't miss out and regret! Pre-order ends 18th Jan! Limited sets left.. (a.k.a whilst stock last) PM for enquires and pre-orders!
  11. Always want an art piece to compliment your gorgeous tank? The wait is over!!! We are excited to announce that these highly sought after paintings by Rachel Fogle (US) are heading their way to Singapore!! S3 is proud to be the official reseller in Asia. Pre-Order w 10% off! We will be sharing pictures of the paintings and their respective pricing & description soon! Please Note! Original Artwork Designs are all artistically hand painted on canvas or wood. Using only traditional
  12. Designer Clownfish in store now!! Feeding Stable Healthy & Happy !! Black Black Snowflakes 4.5cm Pair @ 120 5.5cm Pair @ 150 Black Ice Snowflakes 4.5cm Pair @ 120 Still available.. Royal Gramma Flame Hawk Drop by this weekend and dabao the lovely clown home !! clown vid.mp4
  13. Experienced buying a new beautiful frag or coral but ended up with pests wiping out your precious corals? As the official distributor, we are proud to bring you Coral RX!! What does Coral RX do for coral lovers like us? 1. Treat parasites such as flatworm, nudibranch, bristleworm, various other SPS and LPS pest! 2. Acts as a prophylactic measure to promote healthy coral Strong on parasites, gentle on corals! Best of all, we carry all 3 different versions of Coral RX for you to choose from: 1. One Shot - Great as travel pack, share w a buddy or for emergencies
  14. *** Quality Fish Up for Grabs!! *** Conspicuous Angelfish 6" ++ Bandit Angelfish ~ 3" Archilles Tang L with Amazing Big Teardrop (FEEDING) Archilles Tang ML(FEEDING) Flame Wrasse SOLD Helfriche Firefish Royal Gramma Flame Hawk Blackcap Basslet SOLD Yellow Tang (3") FEEDING Purple Tang (2 ~ 3") PM now, before it's too late!! Team S3
  15. Operating Hours: Friday, 21st Aug 11am - 12am Humz Hum!! 3" Crocea (Gold Rim) 3" Crocea 4" Maxima 5" Maxima 2" Maxima (Tahiti) Fresh Loots of the Day Caribbean Shipment from 6pm onwards~! Achilles Tang Yellow Tang Kole Tang Flame Wrasse Loubouti Wrasse Hooded Wrasse Flame Hawk Flame Angel Pottery Angel Emerald Crab Royal Gramma Premium Rock Flower Anemone Seahorse (Yellow) Goniopora / Flower Pot Lovers: XC Purple Queen XC Puffy Fluffy Yellow Eye
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