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  1. Just to clarify, I'm not selling the testkits. Its given FOC to whoever buying the entire package.
  2. Want to sell the following as a package only for $80. Self collect near yew tee. SMS/Call 98314791 (NEW)Microbe-Lift Kalkwasser, Lab Grade Calcium Hydroxide Ca (OH)2, 4LBS (NEW)Microbe-Lift Kalkwasser, Lab Grade Calcium Hydroxide Ca (OH)2, 1LBS (NEW)Microbe-Lift Dechlorinator Plus, 16 fl oz (NEW)Microbe-Lift Strontium & Molybdenum, 16 fl oz (NEW)3x Cyclop-eeze, Whole freeze dried, 30grams (NEW)Salifert Flatworm Exit FOC (NEW)Sealab 28 (USED)Salifert kH testkit (USED)Salifert Ca testkit (USED)Salifert mg testkit (USED)Salifert NO3 testkit (USED)Tropic Marin Pro-coral Mineral (USED)Mini-Labor Phosphate Testkit
  3. Its possible but it will defeat the purpose of inverter units. Inverter works by using VFD to change the speed of the compressor. The compressor is running all the time but changing the speed as the demand changes. You need to connect the thermostat to the main power source of the aircon and trigger it 100% on or off. You can't enjoy the benefits of inverter units.
  4. No more already. More than 8 years of marine, sort of losing the fire already. Freshwater is much easier to maintain
  5. TXV or thermal expansion valves are used to adjust the superheat of the refrigerant. You cannot adjust the temperature with TXV. What you need is a thermostat.
  6. I gave up and went back to arowana 6months ago
  7. You may want to reconsider your design. How are you going to attach the titanium coil to the flat peltier? Peltier itself is not energy efficient + the low thermal transfer junction between the 2. I seriously doubt that there will be any significant cooling effect. Titanium is not easy to work with, they are quite elastic and not easy to bend. Once you try, you will know.
  8. Full Black Jacket True Pecular Clown for bid. Approx 1.5" Starting Bid $50. Minimum increment: $1 Bid ends at 11 May 2010 2359! Tonight! Self collection at CCK Crescent.
  9. Final decomm fish sales, Yellow Tang around 2" $20 mandarin fish around 1.5" $10 all feeding well Note that the mandarin is hiding somewhere. I need to catch it first. Interested? Please sms/call 98314791. Self collection at CCK
  10. All collected! Thanks for the fast response!
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