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  1. Comes on a rock, about 1 inch across $35 Collection 400014
  2. For me i just crank up the UV, Violet, Royal Blue and Blue up to max lol, then add white to my liking, works well for me. Green and Red not important, may cause algae growth too. If you want to be more specific, i can help you out with my PAR meter, just shoot me a PM
  3. I got lots of mohawk frags sitting around, if you're a newbie, come collect FOC, easy and fast growing coral for your new tank Otherwise, I would appreciate any amount of $$ haha, you name the price, if you want more i can arrange Collection at 400014
  4. Working well $60, but price negotiable
  5. Used only 20ml, pretty much untouched and full $30, but price negotiable collection at eunos
  6. Hi all, does anyone know what the dimesions are for the clamp of the kessil goosnecks? Is the mini gooseneck same as the big one? Thanks!
  7. Hi thanks for interest, will update again if I get back outs
  8. Green base, purple arms and pink tips. Something like that
  9. Hi, giving away these BTAs, they are not doing very well in my tank so I would like them to have a new, more suitable home
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