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  1. Not for sale currently due to change of plans. Thanks for viewing.
  2. Letting go of my healthy frogspawn coral to fund other corals. $120 Size is around 10cm long and 6cm width. Picture 1 is what it usually look like in person. Picture 2 is taken under blue lights and with orange lens filter correction to see the most colours out of it. Willing to trade with other Torches or Frogspawn of the same value. Deal at Woodlands, or can arrange for a convinent place during the weekends.
  3. Reserved! Thanks for support.
  4. Lol just regular rbta with more UV light shine on it plus photography with expensive dslr.
  5. Maroon Clownfish for sale $10, or trade with coral frags. Size around 2.5 inch, suspect is female. Healthy fish with me for over a year. Deal at Woodlands.
  6. Still available. Buyers didnt respond after contacting me. Priority will go to the first buyer that can confirm the deal.
  7. Large showpiece size elegance coral, around 6 to 8 inches for sale. Very beautiful colours. $95 Deal at Woodlands. PM me for contact.
  8. Left female maroon clown. Reef safe, healthy, will host anemones.
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