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  1. Thanks for the overwhelming response. My apologies for not being able to reply. The fish has been collected by a nice gentleman who came down almost immediately. Thanks all and thread closed.
  2. I have healthy, stable, fat Haiwaiian Yellow Tang for sale, bought recently. Very nice colouration. It is a pity my other fishes cannot accommodate well with her, and so no choice, have to let her go. Current market price is at least $180. Letting go at $150. Self collect in the east. Please PM me. Thank you.
  3. As I need to reduce bioload soon, I am hoping to rehome it soon. Willing to let go at $30 only.
  4. To reduce bioload, I am selling off a Poma Angelfish (Black Velvet Angelfish). It is very active (not shy), healthy, stable and eating really well. If not mistaken, I believe it is not easy to get Poma Angelfish to eat in captivity. I have trained it to eat frozen mysis. :) Size is about 3-4 inches. Selling for only $65. Self collect in Tampines and please bring along your small pail. Please PM me if keen. Thanks a lot!
  5. Thanks for the overwhelming response and sorry I couldn't respond to all. Sold to a nice gentleman, who was first to contact me. Mod, please help to close this post. Thanks all
  6. I recently got a small Powder Blue Tang from Pinnacle Aquatics but my Powder Brown Tang could not get along with it. It is eating pellets well (TDO, Vitalis), healthy and active. Bought at $25, letting go at $15. Please PM me your contact number if you are keen. Self collect from my place at Tampines. Please bring your own small pail or container. Thanks!
  7. For Ng couple, do I park at the same place in front of Iwarna and walk in? It seems like 'restricted area' . Been looking for Ng couple but can't locate it...
  8. I am having brown diatom issue on my tank glass, along the silicon joints of the tank and on rocks. Switching to using RODI water but still the same. May I ask if there are any safe chemicals I can use, of which LFS sells Teochus snails? Thank you!
  9. Hello! I have a pair of active, healthy and greedy Moorish Idols for sale. Size about 7-8cm. They love eating Vitalis pellets. Selling because tank getting a little too small for them. Hope they can find a much bigger home and a loving owner. Letting go at a token of $30 per fish. Not easy to find pellets-eating Moorish Idols. Hope to sell as a pair, easier. Collect in Tampines, please bring along your pail. If keen, please PM me with your contact number. Thank you
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