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  1. Another update though do not have pics on it As mentioned at the start - the system is powered by 2 Apex COR 20 return pumps of which 1 is dedicated to being a closed loop setup pump. We tested this pump today at 50% and full capacity and yes it did the job. There was equal distribution of flow through the PVC pipes hidden in the scape and well as a good sand churn through the sand bed. As time goes, I will be tuning the pump in various modes thereby unleashing the full potential of the COR 20 pump which also acts like a virtual wave maker
  2. Its close to 3 weeks for the first batch of fishes in QT. All them have been feeding well, grazing well with no signs of heavy breathing though slight aggression at time especially between the Achilles Tang & the Powder Blue Tang. We call the Powder blue tang "Pumba"- he behaves jus like him swimming around, chasing his reflecting and keeps bumping into other fishes then looks around and starts all over. Quite a character. . Treatment done so far - 2 rounds of Prazirpro - 2 rounds of freshwater dip - 1 round of Maracyn Two antibiotics Haven't felt the need of doing a copper treatment, though planned earlier, as all of the fishes are doing great. They all are now trained all on sorts of food - Vitalis pellets, NLS pellets, Mysis, Bloodworms as well as seaweed. Infact the pair of Long Nose butterfly too are now actively on pellets as well as on seaweeds apart from mysis and blood worms. I feed them 3-4 times a day with different foods as I feel its important to feed them at regular intervals considering their grazing food behaviour in the wild. I also feel regular feeding helps tone down their aggression against each other. 15% water change is conducted thrice a week in the QT system. There is still another 3 - 4 weeks for them to be transferred to the main aquarium though it will delayed in case an infection or disease arises in between. fishes in QT.MOV
  3. hi @slapper the distance in the centre of the scape is 6 inches below water. Will be adding corals towards the sides of the arch in the centre which i think should be good enough to hold the acro colonies which will be the first batch of corals to go in the tank
  4. hi @slapper the distance in the centre of the scape is 6 inches below water. Will be adding corals towards the sides of the arch in the centre which i think should be good enough to hold the acro colonies which will be the first batch of corals to go in the tank
  5. Once the Canopy was added, couldn't wait for the lights to follow and hence added the lights as below 2 x Orphek OR2 Reef Blue Plus LED bar 2 x Orphek v1 Atlantik led lights The Atlantik v1 lights have been added on a temporary basis until the newer V4 lights arrive which is due to arrive in the second week of August. The addition of lights was essential to create and allow the bacterial bloom as part of the cycling process as i feel the algae bloom cycle requires light to photosynthesise
  6. Been a while since my last post. Effect of WFH I must say. So here are the updates - - Its been close to 4 week of the tank being under cycling. I've added a gallon of Fritz zyme 9 bacteria. Heard good reviews of the product and hope have selected the right one! I've also thrown a couple of dead shrimps that act as a food source for the bacteria thereby helping in building up and colonising the bacteria colonies. Tested ammonia yesterday which now stands under 0.15ppm while nitrite stands under 0.05ppm. - Canopy has been added last week that will house the lights within
  7. @RoychanThe entire system will be controlled and run using the Apex Neptune system. Not a big fan of alkatronic or mastertronic yet but will review in time if need exists. The 3 main - Calc, Alk & Mag will be managed and run using the Trident system which will test and dose (if required) based on the output generated by a Deltec Twintech CR 1500 calcium reactor. This way the parameters will be near consistent. Phosphate & Nitrate - I think initially will require manual testing which I want to in person and as time progresses, the look and feel can help determine
  8. Hi @alexcyf - thanks and you're welcome to visit anytime. Hi @Roychan - Didn't quite get on auto testing devices. Any specific ones you are referring to?
  9. Woke up quite early and hence time to hit the bed. Currently the tank is filled with water, basic apex neptune equipment setup done at a bare minimum requirement. Next phase will be adding all the pending equipments and automating the system as much as possible. Its time to say - Good Night!
  10. 0 TDS from the 5 stage RODI filter purchased from DE aquatics. It comes with a booster pump that has the capacity to pump 400 gallons per day. The initial fill was quick and water moved above the sand quite soon. However once water hit the rocks the water level simply froze to the extent I thought the flow had stopped and made me check the flow & the pump. This shows the porosity the rock carries and I must say it was the right decision to introduce Caribsea rocks that comes in various shape, extremely porous and in Coraline algae colour as well
  11. We tested the lights look with one of the OR3 reef blue plus lights. I would say extremely impressed with the look and spread
  12. The scape was designed keeping the following in mind - 2 islands considering its a 5 feet aquarium with lots of hiding spot for fishes to prevent or reduce aggression Closed loop return pipes to go through the scape thereby reducing dead spot. the pipes have 2-3 outflow - slightly above the sand, middle & the top part of the pipe. This way the water flow from the return will hit slightly above the water, in between the scape & at the top portion of the scape thought mostly hidden in the scape thereby not visible. Some parts of the PVC pipe is visible which I believe is fine as it will later get covered with corals - Adequate or lots of space to place corals specially SPS at the top and mid layer followed by chalice, montipora & few others in the mid section, scolies at the bottom layer and softies in low light area. The arch also provides space for corals that require less to no light and are not photosynthetic. Both the islands were purposely connected through an arch which will be filled with SPS corals - Acropora in this case - Finally a scape that looks pleasant to the eye which will eventually be overtaken by the corals in time
  13. Been a while. Got stuck up with work. Tank currently is cycling. Pending pics with sand, aquascape & water. Missed taking a picture of the reworked web of pipes that is buried under the sand
  14. @Marsh - Yes it is under sand filtration @SubzeroLT - Water flow tested prior to sand addition. The return will be controlled using a gate valve with gentle flow. Unfortunately missed making a video on it
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