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  1. I’ve tried these several times, they just disappear after awhile. Anyone had any success breeding pods?
  2. I never got my tank free of algae and bac until I had a dedicated sump (not HOB or in-built) with chaeto and gfo.
  3. google isolation box you'll be able to find. almost any lfs will have one.
  4. sumps better IMO. Easier to manage nitrates.
  5. I'd set up a refugium if i were u. Had to constantly battle nitrates and algae until i set one up. Now no issue! (except slight algae).
  6. Get an rodi unit as it will save you time . I remember lugging around distilled water from NTUC every month. Now it’s so much easier with an RODI.
  7. I just bought 2 diamond gobys, and after a week I noticed only 1 left. Dunno what happened to the other one but I saw the lawnmower blenny chasing the other one around. I think he ate the first one. Any of you ecperienced the same before?
  8. Had my goniopora, torch and plate coral (plate barely alive) dieing on me when my pump was off a couple of times so temperature went off. Anyone experience the same thing? Are corals that sensitive that they don't recover even when the temperature is back up?
  9. Hi I'm interested in your chaeto pls. still available?
  10. Dunno whether it was coincidental, but mine was the same umtil i forgot to close the curtains and the light shone on it. Probably means my lighting is off as well. Also did water changes weekly.
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