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  1. This was what happened to me too. Started feeding more which led to high PO4 but still had the same burnt tips. The mistake I had was not testing for NO3 as my NO3 was bottoming out. Dosing NO3 did help and my SPS are doing better now. Would also recommend to stop all forms of dosing (bacteria/carbon/amino acids) and just rely on good old water changes for the next 2 months.
  2. Saw this tank in person. I must say its even better in real life than in the pictures. Hope for thread starter to continue with his updates!
  3. Another pic of the jade green digi. Its larger than my palm.
  4. Selling the following 2 SPS colonies to make space. Take both for $70. Please bring your own bag. Collection at Toa Payoh Whatsapp 9 65 eight 0 411
  5. Selling the following: 1. Zoos 2. Plate (abt 2 inches) 3. GSP (2cm x 2cm) Collection at Toa Payoh Whatsapp 965 eight 0 4 11
  6. Baby plate coral. About 1-1.5". - $20 Forest fire frag - $5 Bird nest frag -$5 Ultra lumi green GSP - $5 Zoas - $8 Collect at Toa Payoh. Whatsapp 96five 804 11.
  7. Green digi sold. Up for old school plate. Clearer pic as attached.
  8. 1. Jade Green Digitata (mini colony) - $28 2. Old school green plate coral (about 3 inches diameter) - $32 Whatsapp 96 580 411, collection in Toa Payoh.
  9. Good to see reefers coming to each other's aid when in need of help.
  10. Great to see your tank running at last! Is that oyama sticker around the edge of the tank? Looking forward to seeing your tank filled up. Btw, where did you get your SPS frags from?
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