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  1. Please show me picture and price.
  2. Guys, please give some guide or info what kind of LED light for fish and rock only. My tank is 6ft x 2.5ft x. 2.5ft
  3. wow nice!! same size as me. i just put marine pure cube 60 pcs and other media. now is cycle time..maybe 1 or 2 more week then start puting fish. i also thinking of using tap water to change water and RO water to auto top up. ( Soon will post my sump picture ) Can see your ? You got small stone and is it hard to maintain ? i am still thinking of puting what kind of fish....but for sure will put Eel and other kind of bigger fish. ( Still looking )
  4. bro, i found out the problem already!! i use my other salt tank water to try this skimmer and it work!!! Mean the new tank water is too new and clean. so will have so many bubble and over flow. i have to cycle this new tank water another 2 or 3 weeks...
  5. do you have the same problem as me, when you buy your new deltec 1000 ?
  6. wow nice. i will adjust same as you to try. your deltec have control high or low ?
  7. which one is gate valve and air intake ?
  8. ok noted. i will leave it run..see how many days will work..
  9. so is not because of my new tank salt water with no fish. is the skimmer itself problem ?
  10. you mean just leave it like that ?
  11. Btw this is new tank and new water.
  12. Hi Guys, Today just install Deltec 1000ix but it keep over flow.. Anyone know why and please help!! Thanks
  13. Hi guys, Need help how to install or place OASE CLEARTRONIC ULTRAVIOLET STERILIZER in sump.
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