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  1. She is still not back after 26 hours :( . . .

    Raining cats and dogs now...wondering is she sheltered

    Her name tag is printed with my HP number, its not hard for someone who found her to contact me.. but....

    Please help circulate the news around especially brothers sisters staying around this area....


  2. Dear Mr Eric,

    I would greatly appreicate if you could point to me which of our tanks is "milky". you can have all the LS free in there. Be fair when you use the word "ALL".


    Dear AM Fans,

    Thanks to all AM fans who had called to inform me about this "unfair" remarks. As all of you know that we are very particular about cleaniness and water management in our shop. However we cannot please everyone but believe me, we are doing all the very best ...

    Thank you for all your support.

    Comments are welcome....but be fair and truthful, k.. thank you so much....

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