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  1. 130 for both torches. Big heads!
  2. Lumi Green torch sold. Up for black torch and green torch
  3. Lumi green reserved. Green and black torch at 150.
  4. Seperate sales Green torch 70 Lumi Green 70 Black torch 90
  5. Lumi Green second pic on sandbed Green tip DS not for sale
  6. Selling 3 kinds of torches for a bundle price of 250. Collection in Punggol Black torch 2 big head spitting to 3 Lumi Green torch with blue tips 1 large head spitting into 2 Green torch 1 super large head spitting
  7. Giving a new Un opened milk powder to those who are in need. Collection in Punggol. Expiry on may 2021
  8. Looking for the above mentioned toadstool. If you ahve other varities do pm me as well.
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