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  1. Free Tank with cabinet, please arrange own transport. PM for further details. Collection at buangkok area.
  2. priority will be given to reefers whom can clear all e rics. Tank and cabinet made by coral reef aquarium.
  3. tank and cabinet dimension as attached the tank light hood can only fit 4tube x 2ft lightset
  4. Want to de-comm tank set and all live stock. Rics $20 - $35, view to purchase in case got color variance issues during purchase. tank and cabinet - $200 (Arrange your own mover) Comes with skimmer and return pump, and bio-pellet reactor Chiller Hailea - HS66A purchase OCT 2013 DE 4 X T5 tubes - light tubes are old tubes I will upload more details in again.
  5. Thanks to all for the kind interest. Rocks have been sold to a nice reefer.
  6. All rocks in photo for $20. Self collection at Buangkok
  7. Neon green green large shrooms.. Rare-Purple tip green neon base hairy mushroom Assorted rhodatics, bulls eye, tonga blue rhodatics,orange-red rhodatics...
  8. Those are forest fire rhos.. Occasionally available at pinnacles
  9. Good to have some opening for doors to prevent humid issues in sump area I guess your chiller is seating outside? Door skirt can be finish off with short brushes to prevent future cabling issues
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