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  1. It should be carnation coral Take a look to https://www.tropical-hobbies.com/salt-water-aquarium-corals-soft-coral-2
  2. This is how the art corner for my wife and I in our simple house. Her art includes whole world of the sea, my art only within the RedSea... :p
  3. Just sharing the Percula clown fish laid eggs in front of me and here is the video showing how they lay eggs! They really lay to the same spot. But I failed to make the 1st and 2nd batch larvae survive. First batch larvae hatch at night which is too late for me to wait ( I waited until 2am then just go to sleep). Then for 2nd batch, I tried to move the rock out, but I am too careless, when moving the rock out, but I forgot to fill water to the container use to hold it, then when I just walk to kitchen to get something and come back, a lot larvae disappear...I guess other fish come to eat them when the 2 clown not beside them....feel sorry to them....and what a stupid mistake I did.... Now I placed flat frag disk beside and hopefully it will lays on the flat frag disk. VID_469790909_025437_889.mp4
  4. No, I am not sure it is safe to siphon it now. Tonight is day 8 and I just started culture rotifers today. The person provided the rotifers to me told me to use torch light to lure them to a corner then siphon out when they turn to fry.
  5. First time seeing egg transform to larvae, this is extremely new experience for me!!! 20200507_005208.mp4
  6. Thanks!!! I am also headache now whether to move out the rock and the finger leather because the 2 clown already host on the leather coral long time d. Most probably will follow the advise put a rock on the spot and wait for another chance. Here is another link shared by other ppl which i feel very helpful as well so just share here https://www.ocellarisclownfish.com/raising-clownfish/
  7. Wow~~~~~~!!!! Found my percula clown breeding!!! What can I do???
  8. wow~ can keep them for so long! thumbs up!
  9. Just sharing my tank after upgraded to RedSea tank 7 or 8 months later..... See how jialat the poison I have now...... This is how I "diving" daily.... Hi @CarnivorousGhecko, I do 10% water change weekly. For ammonia Nh4 and nitrite NO2, I do not bother them once my tank is cycled because always get 0. Once have enough filter media / live rock, and the number of fish is fixed, I always get 0 for both of them. Sometime I feed a bit heavier also to make my tank's bacteria can handle slightly heavier nutrient load. Due to having mixed reef, my NO3 and PO4 are high. I am using Nitraguard Titanium to reduce my NO3 and Rowaphos to reduce PO4. I am start using them when I had the 2 feet tank. My NO3 level is the most red color measured by API NO3 test kit during that time and PO4 detected low with API PO4 test kit. After using them, I am managed to reduce the NO3 to yellow color (API NO3 test kit ) and very light green color (API PO4 test kit). Think that the NO3 and PO4 are very low already?? Actually not! After switching to Salifert, it detected NO3 is around 25 to 50 ppm and Po4 around 0.5 to 0.8ppm. Just some personal advise, if you would like to get more accurate result, spent few more dollar to get Salifert test kit. Last time I choose test kit by looking on their $, but after trying salifert and compare the result with ICP test, the Salifert test kit result are more accurate to ICP test (by comparing Cal and Mg reading) But now my fishes getting bigger, I cannot further reduce my NO3 and PO4 by the 2 product. The NO3 always stay at 25ppm and PO4 at 0.5ppm. There is one time I change all the NO3 and PO4 after water change, and thinking to chase the number, end up it stressed my coral. I lost few coral and injured my chalices. So now I try not the renew them after wc, and slowly top up / renew them every 2/3 days. Eg: top up 20g every 2 days until the number I want. Anyway, just sharing there is a rowa calculator available: http://rowaphos-calculator.com/ , you can use it to calculate how much rowa you need for your tank. But try start with 50% of the recommendation. *Anyway, the above are just my personal experience and opinion. Every tank is unique due to the way you feed / the way of maintenance / the livestock or equipment you have. There are plenty of way for nutrient export, and it might not the most effective one, but it works to reduce my tank NO3 and PO4 to the level I mentioned.
  10. Hi @Peanut8787, before that I also never think that a tiny wound can become serious if get infection. I am also fell unbelievable how come my hand can get infection in saltwater. But according to the Dr, we have antibody to most of the fresh water bacteria, but there some saltwater bacteria not 'recognize' by our body. Maybe I really damnnnnn "shuey" (bad luck), like that also can 'tiok tai ji'.....
  11. Having this hobby is a dangerous thing and I am deeply poison , upgraded my tank to RedSea Reefer 250 and Mar 2019 is the month passing longest in my life due to the tank I ordered no stock and need to wait for 1 month to restock.... And finally my tank arrived on Apr 2019. Slowly move my livestock over, bz with the tank every night and feel like don't want to go to bed.
  12. Yes, I am using goose neck, but still feel that single 160we really not bright enough for 2 feet tank after adjusting the high.
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