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  1. It should be carnation coral Take a look to https://www.tropical-hobbies.com/salt-water-aquarium-corals-soft-coral-2
  2. This is how the art corner for my wife and I in our simple house. Her art includes whole world of the sea, my art only within the RedSea... :p
  3. Just sharing the Percula clown fish laid eggs in front of me and here is the video showing how they lay eggs! They really lay to the same spot. But I failed to make the 1st and 2nd batch larvae survive. First batch larvae hatch at night which is too late for me to wait ( I waited until 2am then just go to sleep). Then for 2nd batch, I tried to move the rock out, but I am too careless, when moving the rock out, but I forgot to fill water to the container use to hold it, then when I just walk to kitchen to get something and come back, a lot larvae disappear...I guess other fish come to eat
  4. No, I am not sure it is safe to siphon it now. Tonight is day 8 and I just started culture rotifers today. The person provided the rotifers to me told me to use torch light to lure them to a corner then siphon out when they turn to fry.
  5. First time seeing egg transform to larvae, this is extremely new experience for me!!! 20200507_005208.mp4
  6. Thanks!!! I am also headache now whether to move out the rock and the finger leather because the 2 clown already host on the leather coral long time d. Most probably will follow the advise put a rock on the spot and wait for another chance. Here is another link shared by other ppl which i feel very helpful as well so just share here https://www.ocellarisclownfish.com/raising-clownfish/
  7. Wow~~~~~~!!!! Found my percula clown breeding!!! What can I do???
  8. wow~ can keep them for so long! thumbs up!
  9. Just sharing my tank after upgraded to RedSea tank 7 or 8 months later..... See how jialat the poison I have now...... This is how I "diving" daily.... Hi @CarnivorousGhecko, I do 10% water change weekly. For ammonia Nh4 and nitrite NO2, I do not bother them once my tank is cycled because always get 0. Once have enough filter media / live rock, and the number of fish is fixed, I always get 0 for both of them. Sometime I feed a bit heavier also to make my tank's bacteria can handle slightly heavier nutrient load. Due to having mixed reef, my NO3 and PO4 are high.
  10. Hi @Peanut8787, before that I also never think that a tiny wound can become serious if get infection. I am also fell unbelievable how come my hand can get infection in saltwater. But according to the Dr, we have antibody to most of the fresh water bacteria, but there some saltwater bacteria not 'recognize' by our body. Maybe I really damnnnnn "shuey" (bad luck), like that also can 'tiok tai ji'.....
  11. Having this hobby is a dangerous thing and I am deeply poison , upgraded my tank to RedSea Reefer 250 and Mar 2019 is the month passing longest in my life due to the tank I ordered no stock and need to wait for 1 month to restock.... And finally my tank arrived on Apr 2019. Slowly move my livestock over, bz with the tank every night and feel like don't want to go to bed.
  12. Yes, I am using goose neck, but still feel that single 160we really not bright enough for 2 feet tank after adjusting the high.
  13. yakh0o


    I saw these 2 websites selling ATS , perhaps you can try to check with them. https://myaquariumshops.com/product-category/filteration-and-reactor-media/ats/ (Malaysia) https://www.marinemagic-online.com/?product_cat=algae-scrubber
  14. After surveyed few light, added a Kessil 160we because I like the shimmer effect. Initially thinking to replace the Nemo light, but single 160we created too many shadow, still need the nemo light to create a balance of light across the tank.
  15. Shared my reefing journey and the DIY Idea. Thanks SgRreefClub and the sponsors for organizing the contest. Hope our sharing can fill your free time during the CB.
  16. Hi @soggycookies, yeah, now I will wear glove when touching cheato / rock / having small wound after the incident , but sometime wearing glove really hard to do the work. When one of my friend heard my incident, she also told me last time her friend went to diving. then the elbow get cut by the rock. End up also admit to hospital due to bacteria infection and his elbow shallow like a tennis ball. That's my bad luck experience in this hobby, now sharing some +ve story. Caught the anemone open in love shape when I return to home and the 2 nemo are Falling in Loves!!!
  17. Thanks Admiraltian, hope you enjoy my sharing. Let's continue the story..... It is quite normal we scratch/injure our hand during the maintenance job. One day I went to a LFS and saw newly arrived GSP. The uncle told me get it only next day, because he haven't clean the GSP, those GSP from wild could be very dirty. But I am lazy to come to the LFS again, so I just bought it and ask the uncle how to clean the GSP when I bring it back home. So once I reach home, I followed his instruction to dip the GSP with fresh water (after adjusted the temp and ph) with bare hand and the
  18. Below is the photo after replaced the tank and slowly added back the coral and fishes. Luckily all the equipment do not spoil when the tank running out of water. The leather (top), the hammer (bottom), snails and hermit crab are the survivors from the crash. This new tank is 60cmx45cmx45cm 10mm crystal clear glass. The quality really look different. One thing I realize although algae grow on the glass, but it can easily remove. Whereas the glass of the cheaper tank is harder to clean, feel like the surface is not that smooth and algae could grow and stick on the glass.
  19. Thank you @soggycookies for the encouragement. Yes, I never give up, in fact I quickly went back to the shop at the same night and get another new tank from the same shop. I told the boss about the incident and she also feel shock, but she can't figure out the reason. End up the price of the new tank is 75% of the price of the previous set (tank+stand). Hi @Otaku Reefer, I had the similar experience when I got my first tank when I young. The water overflow from the chiller pipe due to the pipe placed too deep to the tank. When I offed the pump, the water overflow back to the sump and then
  20. Just sharing a very easy and cheap DIY Acclimate / Top Up Water container. When you finished your redsea carbon / any container, don't throw it. You can recycle it to become the DIY Acclimate / Top Up Water container. Just use something sharp (like below) to make a small hole at the bottom and slowly increase the size of the hole until the Plastic Water Tube Control Valve can fit the hole. This is the DIY Acclimate / Top Up Water container. I am using it to top up RO water to my QT tank. When getting new coral or fish, first I will put the coral / fish in
  21. Happily enjoy my new tank for almost 4 months, but nightmare happen.... One day when I reached home, my wife and I saw .......how come there are water mark at outside the door. At that time I still don't know what happen, thinking the cleaner washing the floor and flush and water into my house. When I opened the door, ........oh...........my .......god..... the living room filled the smell of the dead fish.... My fishes already dead, and coral already dried.....and it is really smelly in the house... Luckily my wife never scold me, in fact she know I am very sad and
  22. After 1.5 years, I upgraded to a 2 feet tank which bought from Clementi LFS. It is a China brand which within my budget. My equipment upgraded to: Tank: 60cmx53cmx36cm round corner tank Filter: Ehiem 250 canister Overflow: Reef Octopus overflow box Sump: using the previous 45x30x30 tank as sump Filter: 1 Marine pure block and poly-filter Light: 36w Nemolight Chiller: Hailea HC-28a (2nd hand) Wave maker: SOBO Skimmer: Bubble Magus QQ2 (previously use China Resun slim skimmer) During that time, most of my marine fish and coral knowledge lear
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