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  1. Adding Pic. Have been a peaceful fish for 1 year but attacking my clown, tang and shrimp recently. Eat anything that is thrown into the tank, pellet, seaweed, mysis and sometimes gazing on rock. Currently in isolation box and taking up space in DT. Any kind soul to adopt.
  2. True. Got to get rid of it to free up the tank.
  3. 1 x Yellow Tail Damsel to give FOC. Location near Somerset MRT. PM if keen.
  4. I am doing a rescape but some SPS had encrusted on the main rock. Anyone happen to know what is the best way to remove without leaving any remains on the rock?
  5. Thanks Daveyy. Found a small one. Thought it is quite difficult to find one coz most of the time we see in lfs are the really big ones. Maybe these are leftovers.
  6. Hi Looking for a Juvenile 2" Foxface or Scopas Brown Tang to tackle very long wiry GHA in pico tank. Wonder if anyone is letting go or if you have happened to see available in any lfs? Peferably Foxface.
  7. Went to check and realise the hang on ats output was accidently push to blow at the green slimer. What a grave mistake. The green slimer have stop rtn and maintain the same look. Hope the green skin will grow back. Thanks Zander for pointing out else will be puzzled why the sudden rtn. Learned something today. Cheers.
  8. Oh dear. So sad to see it gone. Can still see it growing before it rtn. Thanks EvolutionZ.
  9. Woke up this morning to find the Bali Slimer in this shape while the rest sps are doing very well. Wonder if this Bali Slimer still have chance of survival? The cup holding polyp still green.
  10. Will dispose tonight if no taker.
  11. 1 bag of Chaeto available to be given away. Collection at central. PM if interested.
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