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  1. here are some checklist for you - tank mates (any fights going on?) - if your water parameter are fine? (such as salinity / PH / temperature) - you should get a isolation box if necessary, the box should be as big as you can, best if the isolation box can have a separator. - do not add anymore livestock into the tank until your tank is stabilize such as water parameters are in good condition. - never overfeed as this will cause more harm than good. - what are the types of filtration media that you are having right now? - to maintain a good system you have to do frequent small amount of water change which i still prefer and been practicing. - Dosing of bacteria bi weekly will be good for you as well google this up and you should be able to get a bottle of it from local fish stall (TUNZE care bacter 0220.005)
  2. Upper Serangoon Atlantic Glass Industry Tel : 6280 4447 FOR GOD SAKE, please don't even recommend people there and customize reef tanks. I am a victim myself. If you don't believe me, you can try. Or, you can bring along a experience reefer to throw them questions and see for yourself.
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