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  1. Selling a used 5 stage rodi. Used for 2 years. Asking 200 https://www.deaquatic.com/products/5-stage-ro-di-unit-200gpd-with-booster-pump-and-computer-display
  2. Selling brand new reefer 350 v3. Cones with return pump, skimmer, chiller and wave maker. Foc 3ft quarantine tank if u want. $1000
  3. Bumps found my skimmer also, will include a branded 3ft crystal tank for quarantine use
  4. Selling a brand new reefer 350 v2 asking 1000 never touch water before comes with used return pump, chiller, skimmer, wavemaker
  5. Selling a brand new reefer 350 g2. asking 1600 comes with used return pump, chiller, skimmer, wavemaker
  6. I think u order from Amazon sg cheaper free shipping too.
  7. No Leh bro had him since christmas
  8. Giving away a naughty moonwrasse. About 10cm Bullied my fairy wrasse. Healthy and fat Collect asap
  9. Hi selling a moon wrasse for $10. Size about 10cm. Fat and healthy Rfs aggressive towards my fairy wrasse.
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