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  1. Hi guys, What do you think about problems with ecological situation in Russia, Kamchatka? I am follower of underwater painter Olga Belka. I had asked about her a few months ago here. Don't know what think about(( so seriously ...
  2. Hi! Thanks a lot) I didn't find massage about reply, 4 days ago already...This screen from internet? You know her personally or heard any minds about her artworks?
  3. Hi guys! I'm a new member in your community))) My wife and I were visiting Maldives about a year ago. We are not divers, we can only snorkel and freedive a bit. I was making a video of corals from the surface with a selfie stick. Suddenly I saw a girl in a funny orange hat painting underwater! It was very shallow, maybe 2-3 meters deep. So I tried to go deeper to take video closer. But it bothered her. Anyway, we had to check out in 15 minutes. So we left the hotel without getting any info about her. My wife wants to get exactly this painting and she has been asking me to find this artist f
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