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  1. I got one a few weeks back too[emoji4] it's quite easy to keep! Doesn't require any special care requirements, but maybe don't blast it with a wavemaker! I think you should try keeping it! Its really nice when the polyps are out Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. Hello all:) looking for small sized euphyllia frags (frog/octospawn and hammers)! Please do PM me if anyone is selling!
  3. Xenia frag on the right is available again! Please PM if interested!
  4. xenia and zoa frag sold! one more xenia frag pending collection.
  5. One buyer decided go pass on this so 1 more frag available for $5 Also have a 5 poly frag of horizon zoas for trade for any other zoas frag/soft corals. Selling this for $7 if anyone wants to purchase it! Has been on the frag plug for a few weeks so it's a stable frag! Do PM if interested! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  6. Currently reserved for both frags!
  7. Selling 2 pulsing xenia frags that have been attached to small rocks for $5 each only! Already attached to rocks so you wont have to worry about frag plugs destroying your aesthetic [emoji6] Deal in west Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  8. thank you! actually i think it might be the dead tissue since it was gone and only the skeleton was left for the head that died! there hasn't been any alk swing since i tested today! the other LPS are doing fine, which is why I'm a little confused on why this particular head would melt overnight
  9. Hello all! Wanted to seek a 2nd opinion after asking a few reefers. Is this brown jelly disease ? My hammer coral frag melted overnight for one of the heads. The other dead is doing ok and so are other LPS. Any help is much appreciated! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  10. Looking for cuttings of macroalgae (besides chaeto) especially red macroalgae:) small cuttings will do as i'm intending to see if i can grow them for display. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello! I'm a beginner too with mainly soft corals in my tank and a few LPS and SPS. I agree with what Willy has mentioned about water change as the main source of nutrient replenishment. I started dosing dkh supplements about 2 weeks back because I have some small SPS and LPS frags, who require more nutrients to build their calcium carbonate skeleton and my dkh level was still a little bit low after water changes. I considered the easy way of dosing 1 part supplements, but upon further research and talking to other reefers, I realised its better to dose individual supplements depending on your
  12. Hello! I'm a newbie too I think more senior reefers can advice, but my opinion is: 1. Use RODI water and salt mix cos tap water has impurities that will cause a lot of algae later. I think proper water is the most essential investment. 2. For my nano tank it took about 4 weeks if I'm not wrong, but I think everyone's tank is different. I just checked using nitrate test cos I wanted to save money and because nitrite and ammonia test will be seldom used after cycle (in my humble opinion) but the most accurate way is to test nitrite and ammonia too. If you're testing nitrates only, there s
  13. Tank updates 28/7/2020!! 1. A few new additions to my zoa collection! A reefer passed me quite a bit of horizon zoas over the weekend! I removed them from the frag plug and glued them down onto a rock to allow them to slowly grow over the rock over time. Managed to pick up a 5 polyp frag of rastas zoa (i think) from Ah Beng for just $3! I guess the excitement of going to LFS-es is digging around the frag tanks to see what hidden gems they have. 2. Added a new critter! Got this pom pom crab from Pinnacle! I was afraid that his anemones will sting the corals in th
  14. Thanks soggycookies [emoji4] i think I'll have to feed less each time then! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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