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  1. Finally done with my scaping and 2 jebao gyre to handle my flow with minimal dead spot
  2. Aquascape a rock with old epoxy that I have to fill up that gap
  3. Bro clear your pest issue before getting new rocks, or else you will just be transferring the problem over
  4. Change the scraping to a normal tank with 2 sided view instead of 3 sided, the rear of the tank is for wave makers and it will be covered up
  5. Oh no 1 more month before my tank will be ready for corals
  6. OK noted, i'm sure this lights can be fixed as all electronics can
  7. I suspect mine is this issue, but Reef Depot no longer has parts for this lights
  8. Hi I have 2 sets of AI vega, but I can't fixed it because they have stop the parts, any experts I can ask for help?, it's a waste to throw away the leds
  9. As above, RRP $100, clearing for $70 Unused
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