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  1. Hi all looking for a medium sized carpet anemone for my tank
  2. I havw about 10 polyps on a small stone. Looking to trade for other zoas to my collection. Pm me
  3. Want to trade healthy sun croal with more than 10 heads for lps coral or soft coral like bubble coral, blasto, zoas, ducan
  4. Looking to trade away my big anemone for other anemones or lps corals.
  5. Looking for Medium size toadstood leather eith long tentacle
  6. Looking for Medium size toadstood leather eith long tentacle
  7. Ups 150 used only 1 year on 30cm cube tank no issue led working fine. Selling cheap cause want to clear space for living room
  8. Reason for selling is cause i gotten a 3 feet tank and new chiller for it. So i decom my nano 30cm cube tank
  9. Hi i have one hailea chiller 28a used for a year on my 30cm cube tank running at 25 degree still working find not temp issues. Pm if interested selling 240
  10. Do u still have the black sand for sale?
  11. Hi i have one ai prime 16 hd with the stand used for year be selling it away cause i have no use since j have upgraded to a bigger tank. Selling at 220 only used it for year
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