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  1. Hi all, Looking for stable Gem tang. Do watsapp me @ 91591966 if u are selling yours.Thank u.
  2. Pm maxspect gyre... My contact 91591966 Thanks
  3. Update 2. Forest fire digi colony *RESERVED* Thanks again for all your support!!!
  4. Update 1. Purple blue Millepora colony *RESERVED* Thanks for all your enquiries n support!!!
  5. Hi bro. PM item D , E.... Watsapp me at 91591966 thks
  6. Hi all, Stable colony fs!!! Need to make space for other SPS. 1. Purple blue millepora colony. Already full encrusted @ $60 2. Forest fire digi colony @ $50 @$andyInterested do watsapp me at 91591966 to deal. Thanks Collection place : Choa chu kang (Yew tee) 29 Tai Seng st (Opp taiseng mrt stn)
  7. Update!!! All reserve n Sold. Thanks for all yr help n. Support!!!
  8. Hi all, I'm releasing some of my stable collection due to make space for others sps. 1. Sunset orange Milli frag $20 (Size s) 2. Rainbow Millepora colony $60 (Size M) 3. Yellow gold Acro Colony $70 (Size L) 4. Cookie monster Colony $70 (Size L) 5. Purple Acro (Yellow Polyps) $40 (Size M, multi branch Mini colony ) 6. Purple Acro (Green Polyps) $40 (Size S/M multi branch Mini colony) 7. Bali Purple Millepora $40 (Size M multi branch Mini colony) 8. Wall Disney Tenuis $50 (Size S/M mini colony) 9. Aussie Acro Latistella $30 (Size S/M frag size) 10. Bali Pink n Green Millepora Colony (Size L) $60 Interested Do Pm direct at 91591966 for pictures, thanks. Collection at : Choa chu kang crescent (Yew tee) 29 Tai seng st (Opp Taiseng MRT Stn)
  9. Hi all I have a few stable SPS colony FS!!! Making space for new frags 1 . SPS $70 colony M/L size 2. SPS $70 colony M/L size 3. SPS $50 colony M size 4. SPS $60 colony M/L size Interested do Watsapp me at 91591966 to discuss thanks Collection at Choa chu kang crescent or 29 tai seng st
  10. Hi I have the above 2 stable colony for sales!!! 1) Cookie Monster $100 (Size ard 4 inches) left to right 2) Purple SPS (sorry not sure the name)$80 (Size ard 3 inches) Interested do PM or watsapp me at 91591966.
  11. Hi all, I'm looking for stable fish Blonde Naso Gem Tang Yellow Tang Size prefer 3 inch n above. Please contact me direct at 91591966..with video n price for discussion. Serious buyers
  12. Hi I'm looking for stable fishes below: 1) Gem Tang 3-4 inch 2) yellow tang 3-4 inch 3) Gold blonde naso tang 3-5 inch 4) black blonde naso tang 3-5 inch Please watsapp me price n video to 91591966. Your reply is much appreciated
  13. Hi bro, please check your PM thanks
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