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  1. Hi reefers, If u are letting go your stable powder blue or powder black tang. Prefer 3 to 3.5 inches including tail Do watsapp me video n price direct to 91591966 thanks again.
  2. Reserved. Thanks for all your enquiries n support!!!
  3. Hi everyone!!! Marcorocks Tree Scape *Size L 36cm x D 18cm x Ht 28cm *Descripition :Tree scape *Suitable for 2ft tank onwards, good to place LPS or SPS to create a garden tree *Price : $150 *Able to do as your request. Do pm or watsapp me @ 91591966 for more enquiries n information. *Thanks for Reading
  4. Sold. Thanks for all your enquiries. Mod please help to close this thread. Thanks
  5. Hi , I have the above FS Nice dual colour gold turquiose Hammer 4 heads (Branching) Price: $120 *Reason of selling : make space for big colonies. Interested parties do contact or watsapp me direct at 91591966 to discuss.
  6. Hi, I'm looking for the above, please watsapp me at 91591966 with pics n price thanks
  7. Sold thanks again for all your interest. Mod please help remove post thanks
  8. Hi all Have the above for sales!!! Selling at 160sgd Interested parties do PM.me thanks.
  9. Thanks for all the overwhelming messages n support.!!! All. Reserved. Thanks again for all the support!!!
  10. Hi all I have the above for sales!!! Want to make space for big colonies. 1. Orange hammer (2 Small heads) $70 2. Gold Hammer (3 small heads) $80 3. Green frogspawn (2 conjoined heads) $50 4. Lumi Green with blue tip (3 heads) $90 5. Green white face alveopora big colony. $80 Interested parties do watsapp or call me direct at 91591966. Thanks everyone.
  11. Hi everyone Posting behalf for a friend 1)Redsea Reeled 90 x 2 nos c/w mounting brackets. About 1 year old, @ $700 condition good 9.5/10 2)MAXSPECT RSX RAZOR R5-300 MARINE LED LIGHTING, about 1.5 months old. @ $700 10/10 condition (considr brand New) Reason due to change of plan Interested please PM or watsapp me @ 84846039 to discuss thanks
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