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  1. Hi Wts coral beauty 2-3 inches, 15 bucks. Feeds on Nori, pellets, frozen mysis. Collection Punggol place, 821209 Watsapp 87510017
  2. Bro, raised in saltwater or fresh water?
  3. Wtg big black sea hare, approx 6 to 7 inches. Very active and good algae cleaner. Collection Punggol place 821209. Watsapp 8751 0017
  4. Hi Please pm if letting go or if you have sent at any lfs this weekend. Thanks
  5. Hi Wts black oscellaris clown, somedays pair somedays don't. Price: 60 for both Location: punggol place
  6. Hi, reserved for collection on Thursday. Thanks.
  7. Hi Selling healthy spotted hawkfish. Feed on frozen, pellets and nori. Doesnt bother anyone in the tank. Price: sgd 10 Location punggol
  8. Hi Looking for montipora frag. Please pm in case selling. Location punggol, hougang, kovan Thanks.
  9. Naso reserved, ups for blue niger trigger
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