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  1. Hi bro, Any more frags available? Interested in this one.
  2. Hi Folks, Giving away yellow fin fairy wrasse as it is being constantly harassed by my six line wrasse. Always being chased into hiding. Collection at Punggol 821209. watsapp at 8751 zero zero 17 Thanks
  3. Get Rowaphos or Seachem Phosguard. Turbo snails are helpful in clearing algae on glass but you will need a lot depending on your tank size. Hermit crab/haloween crabs wont eat diatoms, I have 3 in my tank.
  4. Hi, Interested in pink Birdnest,pls pm if available 87510017 Thanks
  5. Hi Interested in orange monti and pink Birdnest, pls pm postal code for collection.
  6. Interested, location for collection pls
  7. Yes, sorted that same day. Booked appointment and guy came over to check. It was not the chiller but was t5 light fixture that was leaking stray voltage,using Aquazonic fixture with ATI bulbs.
  8. Hi Reefers, Looking to trade Jebao RW20 Wavemaker for something less powerful. It's too powerful for my tank even at lowest setting, softies are getting stressed. THanks
  9. Hi Reefers, I bought used chiller that is barely 1 year old. When I plug it in it's giving me faint electric shocks whenever I touch the aquarium water. It came with EU/German plug which I changed to standard 3 pin plug. So it is definitely grounded now. What are my options, should I call electrician to check it or bring it to some kind of repair shop? Any ideas. I'm in north east if that matters.
  10. Hi Reefers, Anyone selling six line wrasse, preferably North East area. Please pm.
  11. Hi looking for melanurus wrasse, please pm me if selling. Thanks
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