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  1. Hi, Looking for Red algae, please let me know if you are selling/giving away. Location preferences are punggol, sengkang, hougang and nearby estates. Thank you.
  2. I'm interested, what's the location to collect
  3. Hi, As mentioned in the subject header giving away Caulerpa Racemosa(fist size). Good algae to grow in sump. Grows very fast exponentially. Collection Punggol 821209.
  4. Hi, Please PM if you have. Preferably central area or North east. THanks
  5. Please PM for Dark Redish Pink Pocillopora is available and location for collection
  6. Hi, Looking for Bali Green slimer frag, punggol or nearby areas. Please pm or watsapp at 87510017 if you are selling. Thanks
  7. Hi Folks, Anyone using gemsurf doser, any reviews? Thinking of getting one but cannot find much info about performance and instructions. Thanks
  8. HI, If selling please watsapp @ 87510017
  9. Hi, Looking for bali Green slimer frag, pls pm me if you are selling. Watsapp at 8751 0017. Location punggol, hougang, sengkang, Serangoon, Tampines or Central area. Thanks
  10. Hi Looking for Pink birdnest frag, preferably in Punggol, sengkang, hougang area. please watsapp@ 87510017 if available. Thanks
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