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  1. Hi As stated in the subject, have some grape macro to give away. Collection Punggol 821209A.
  2. Im interested bro, watsapp at 8751007. How much is it
  3. check shopee, lots of sellers there
  4. hi, Im Interested in Brown tang. Can sell it separately?
  5. Hi As mentioned in the subject header, please watsapp if you are selling. 87510017. Preffered area North East and nearby areas. Thanks
  6. Hi As stated in the subject line selling Mandarin Goby for 15 bucks. Collection Punggol 821209. Pls watsapp at 87510017. Need established tank with refugium and pods. My tank is out of pods and my rockscape is minimalist. VID_20210920_111047.mp4
  7. Hi Wtb live copepods, if anyone selling please watsapp at 87510017
  8. Hi, Selling 1 small 2 inch horseshoe crab. They prefer sand as they like to sift and Bury in sand. Selling coz mine is bare bottom. Eats bloodworms, mysis, shrimp from ntuc and pellets. Selling for 35 dollars. Okay to exchange for hammer or frogspawn or similar kind of coral but no leathers. Pls watsapp 87510017 VID_20210918_231014.mp4
  9. Hi, Anyone letting go Pyramid butterfly or if anyone has seen at any lfs?
  10. Did aquascaping, half left in the pack. SGD 5. Collection Punggol.821209
  11. Purple reserved for collection on Wednesday.
  12. Hi, As title says want to sell 2 tube anemones. Mine is a bare bottom tank so I have them in glass bottles filled with sand. They are totally fish safe. Feed on pellets, market bought shrimp, coral food etc. 3 to 4 inch diameter When tentacles fully open. They are not light dependent. Video posted is under blue actinic light. 1 Purple color tentacles with green center. Sgd 25 2. White color tentacles with strips of grey. Sgd 25 Watsapp 87510017 Collection punggol 821209A VID_20210905_214300.mp4
  13. Thanks bro for the reply. What's the location. Small frag would do, 3 to 4 inches. Thanks
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