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  1. even if used already, its fine also
  2. I kept them in their original packaging, which is like a ziplock bag but i try to squeeze as much air out as possible
  3. looking for blasto, do pm me if have excess or looking to clear, thanks
  4. So, I brought green and brown seaweed for my yellow tang to eat previously and one day I realise that the seaweed have gotten soft. So I was wondering if it is alright to feed the soften seaweed ? also, are there any ways to prevent it from getting soft ?
  5. just got a bta recently and currently my lights are mostly on blues and low on white, and im unsure if the bta would be better off with whiter light intensity. also, my bta has alr stick onto a spot on the rockscape, but will it expand in a way to match the rock structure? because when my bta expands, it looks quite weird haha
  6. hi if you have any willing to give for free, do let me know
  7. looking to sell 3 rbta, it isn't flourishing under my care anymore, so if anyone is able to revive it, then you can get it from me, when open up previously, colour was very good. hoping to sell all 3 for $15 self collect at pasir panjang 117752, pm me for more info fed them prawns previously and was eating but just not willing to open up price negotiable IMG_1066.HEIC IMG_1067.HEIC
  8. frag or big ones are fine, just pm and send me the pic, thanks
  9. hi i have a 15g tank and was wondering what budget light options do i have ? Have lps/softies and bta in tank. And if maybe a reefer here is letting go/decom a suitable light, do pm me Thanks
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