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  1. hi i have a 15g tank and was wondering what budget light options do i have ? Have lps/softies and bta in tank. And if maybe a reefer here is letting go/decom a suitable light, do pm me Thanks
  2. Hi i just bought a dark green forest colour like BTA, and i wonder if anyone know the name of this morph or is it just gbta?
  3. Selling my emperor angelfish, bought it recently but realized my that my tank would't be a large enough to house it, thus selling to a reefer that can better accomodate to its needs. Currently only 1.5 inch - 2 inch which is quite small. Do pm me for more pics and offer me a price/fish/coral Flexible with letting it go for lower price as i want to give it a better home Thank You My meetup is around Pasir Panjang, Harbourfront, Botanics, Buona Vista, Clementi and anywhere along the way, can be discussed. Just a sample pic below, actual fish is much smaller than t
  4. Letting go of white flat anemone (correct me if i'm wrong with the name) Size about 2 Inches Perfectly healthy and feeds on mysis and reef roids. Selling for $20 if meet at my area, $25 if it's far away My area is Pasir Panjang, Vivo, Buona Vista, Clementi or other places along here. Can either pm me or msg me at 97 one five 86 six 3
  5. Wanted to know what kind of fishes can be a good tank mate, which isn't too aggressive towards a clownfish
  6. I have talked with different people(online and shop), some recommended different things, up till now I have tried tap water, RODI, and distilled water. I wonder if all this water actually have a difference?
  7. Currently my tank has two zoas, one anemone and one torch, and i was wondering if i need to eat any form of additives such as calcium.
  8. So im thinking of trying a pico, but due to the space restraint, i was just curious on what is more important to get to maintain it?
  9. My algae issue keeps on coming back and was thinking about getting a algae eater/cleaner to help with it, is there any recommendation? thanks
  10. Just wanted to know generally, what anemones do clownfish host?
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