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  1. Selling Master Krak for $150. Pm
  2. Selling Green Hammer $120. Collect at Sengkang. PM 98244137. Approx 10cm when open.
  3. Check your salinity. What is your tank temperature?
  4. Brand new H2Ocean Reef Salt for sale because I decided to go for different brand. Retail $125. Selling for $95. Collect at Sengkang. 23 Kg.
  5. Pink Acan reserved. Acan B Reserved. Prices revised. Acan C $45. Acan on Disc Plug, Big one $60. Small one $35. Buy together for $88.
  6. Hi Reefers. Selling some Acan Frags. Collection at Sengkang. Tricolor Acan A with Orange Mouth. Can become a proper colony on the frag disc. $100 Tricolor Acan B with Orange Mouth. 6+. $60. Tricolor Acan C with Orange Mouth. 5+2 heads. $50. Pink Acan, Original Price $180. Selling for $90.
  7. Inappropriate Reefer has a YouTube video on removing his bicolor blenny. Fish trap. Think same problem
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