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  1. still available WhatsApp me at 9888331O
  2. 60x55x50 crystal glass cube tank aluminium cabinet magnetic door $350 Self arrange mover. Clearing as moving house soon
  3. Wts nyos torq 1.0 $100 fast deal
  4. Posting on behalf of a friend. Tank is around 1 years. Coral not available Condition of tank. 9.5/10 75cm (L) x 75cm (B) x 45cm (H) 12mm crystal glass Internal overflow box Wooden Cabinet with 2doors $900 negotiable 1/4 Artica Chiller - $700
  5. Fish collected. Thanks. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  6. Currently reserved for tonight collection.
  7. 6 line wrasse watchman goby reduce bio load. Healthy and pallet feeding with me for 1 year.
  8. Skimz sn127 skimmer (sold) Marine sources reactor (sold) all item used less than 6 months all sold, tread close! Thanks mod!
  9. Don’t worry too much. Maybe just because I’m unlucky and get a defect set. Just take note can already.
  10. Good that it fit, but becareful of dymax. I used to use dymax pump to mix salt. The pump leak voltage and I get a shock, luckily the watts is not high.
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