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  1. My experience is introduce a bigger species than the previous one. But also ensure it feeding very well before putting them into your tank. So worst scenario even it get bullied for 1-2 days before recognise as friend once one submissive, they won’t die to hunger first.

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    Follow up question is if I add bicolor angel, will it behave the same as my flame angel which is is not disturbing my mushrooms?

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  2. Is your damsel big? I DIY by cutting a mineral water bottle half and threw the top away, poke some holes at the bottom and put some small stones inside as weight.

    Attached a string to the top part of the bottle, leave it inside tank for a while so that they get used to it.

    After that drop some food into the bottle, once they swim in or close to the opening I just pull the bottle up with the string.

    The holes will create a bit of a suction downwards when u pull up so the fish will end up in the bottle lol.

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    Did it work for you?

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