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  1. Oysters and clams are filter filters. Their diet are mostly phytoplankton and microalgae (isochrysis). Commercial food like Phyto-Feast from Reef Nutrition, and others does contain the food required. Normal marine tank may not be able to keep them well fed..
  2. Nice work! It looks magnificent!
  3. It shouldn't be that hard when they are in pair most of the time. Mine did last time but I do not have a separate tank/ equipment to raise the fry.
  4. I used a small 8" fan and let it blow to the back of my chiller to displace the heat. Using an temperature sensor and controller (ebay) to turn on my fan when the surrounding reaches 35 degree Celsius and above.
  5. My tank now has soft corals like a few mushrooms, anemone and a branch hammer. On SPS are just 2 small frags bought a few months before.
  6. Hi, I am using MH (main lighting) and 02 actinic blue LED. My MH will usually provide 8hrs of light while my 2 LED will only provide supplement lighting before MH starts and end. BLUE (0800 - 1100)hrs (dawn) MH (1000 - 1800)hrs (day - 8hrs) BLUE (1700 - 2000)hrs (dusk) Based on calculation, it exceeded the "between 6-8hrs" lighting requirements. Mine starts from 0800 to 2000 (12hrs). I assumed that the blue light will cause less damaging effect to the tank (i.e: nuisance algae growth) hence, it should be alright. Is it too much?
  7. You may want to add a few turbo snails (depend on the size of your tank). They munch up those diatoms on the rocks pretty fast.
  8. I wanted to pick some a few oysters from Sheng Siong last time but had dropped the idea. Not to cultivate pearl or for human consumption, but more for "LIVE" filtration in my sump tank. I guess they prefers algae diet than food waste..
  9. May be true but you will end up spending more on getting replacement filters. It would be worth to consider a either a DI or RO/DI. I got this "ZeRO DI 3- DI 3 Stages" from madpetz and it works great.
  10. If it hatched, survival rate may not be high as the hatchlings could become live food for the fishes and corals.
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