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  1. Fully synthetic marine salt created for cultured corals. Its formula is designed to create the best conditions for marine animals. The micronutrients and macronutrients contained in the formula fulfil the demand of corals for proper growth and pigmentation. Probiotic bacteria contained in the salt reduce the content of nitrates and phosphates and prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the marine aquarium. After dissolving the salt, freshly prepared marine water can be used immediately. When setting up new aquariums, it is recommended that the first animals are placed no sooner than 10-14
  2. A specialized formula created for the quick and effective elimination of ammonia and nitrogen compounds from the aquarium. Bio S contains specially selected bacterial strains that create a perfect environment for replication of Nitrospirae and Nitrobacteraceae bacteria which are responsible for the nitrogen cycle. In the nitrification process, bacteria remove compounds, such as ammonia and nitrite from the water. Bio S is recommended especially in the first days after setting up a new aquarium to start and accelerate the nitrification process. Bio S is also perfect for settling up filtration m
  3. Aquaforest Poly Glue PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Poly Glue is polymer adhesive that can be used to help build your aquascape and mount coral. Their pellet form quickly melts in hot water, fusing them together to make a malleable putty that will fit into cracks and crevices. Once the glue cools, it forms a hard, yet flexible bond, but can be reused when removed and heated back up, just in case. Poly Glue is reef safe, biodegradable, and will not affect your water chemistry. Watch more here: https://youtu.be/pxGKTUcSLpA
  4. East Ocean Aquatic Trading Centre Address: 01-699 Havelock Rd, BLOCK 22, Singapore 160022 Hours: Open 10am - Closes 8PM Phone: 6275 9220 Website: https://eastoceansg.com/ Ah Beng Aquarium Address: 471 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389430 Hours: Opens 10am ⋅ Closes 8PM Phone: 9776 1341 Fresh n Marine Address: 79 Upper East Coast Rd, Singapore 455219 Hours: Open 11:30am - Closes 8pm Phone: 6547 1575 Website: https://www.freshnmarine.com/ MadPetz Aquatic Studio @AMK 128 Address: 128 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-18
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