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  1. After 5 months. Sent from my CLT-L29 using Tapatalk
  2. Hi, need help to ID what is this whitish patch on the rock? Sent from my CLT-L29 using Tapatalk
  3. Owned a marine FO tank 3 decades ago and since then only planted tanks. With more time on my hands now, decided to try something new; a reef tank. Intend to keep things basic & simple thus a nano tank. As I have zero knowledge about corals, it will also be a trial and error process. Re-used an old 50L tank as DT with a DIY sump and OF blox. The sump is placed on the same table as the DT to facilitate easy access and maintenance. Making it visible means I will make the effort to clean, maintain and keep it tidy (visual management) It’s a basic setup with no skimmer, relying on wee
  4. You can but I would not recommend as diatom blooms can be more severe and lasts longer. One workaround is to get a DI cartridge (see pic) where very little plumping needed to start off and then add the rest of the parts (10" housings, RO)to have a full RODI.
  5. I am thinking of using it for the equipment which runs off our AC such as chiller, lights, sump pumps and filters. Maybe I can make do with ice packs in an emergency (as the chiller sucks the most juice) and lights are not a concern but power is crucial for the sump pumps and filters (reef and planted tanks). The wavemaker do have DC input but its not critical as well as long as sump pump are running. My friend had a blackout once for about a day (they were not at home) and it was horrendous (partly because he has highly stock ref tank)
  6. Anyone using a UPS backup? There are quite a number of brands and pricing. Saw one brand "APC" which is priced quite reasonably compared to others. Anyone with user experience and recommendation? Looking at around 1000 VA which can handle approx 4hrs backup. Thanks
  7. I am adding corals gradually to my new tank and use a small quarantine tank to observe if the corals have aiptasia or other pests. Once I see it, I take it out, use a swiss army knife to dig it out (and dig deep too) and after that soak the coral in Hydrogen peroxide/tank water 50/50 for 1 min (bought from Guardian 3% in 500ml bottle), rinse it and then put it back into the quarantine and check again to ensure they are gone. Manage to took out a colony of about 10 aiptasia (repeat 2 time as did not get them all in the 1st and 2nd attempts). Can't imagine what will happen had I just add t
  8. The amount of technology and techniques available to us are tremendous and thus expensive, not to mention a huge amount of time is also required. Anyone here successful in keeping it simple (essentials) with regards to equipment and husbandry for the long term (say more than 2 years)? Can you share your secrets and also comment if my below is viable for the long term with lps+low fish stocks ? (just got back to this hobby) - a chiller and sump with some siporax, coral chips, purigen - basic reef lights (currently testing out with my old plant lights with actinics added-on)
  9. Heating and cooling? If your tank is at home, a chiller is sufficient. Even if you turn on your aircon 24x7 a heater is not required unless it is freezing cold. As for brands there are a few common ones you can find in most marine aquarium shops such as Arctica, Teco, Hailea.
  10. Need some opinions regarding the above Online shops like Lazada, Shopee are selling a OEM type costing around $30, with a pump of 3.5W and a overall size of 22cmx9cmx5cm. Sold under many different brands but looks exactly the same (see pic) Anyone have experience with this or a good recommendation of about the same size (and where to get it)? Preferred powered instead of air driven. Also, I already have a daylight dimmable LED for plants. I am thinking of continue using it and add a small clip-on the back actinic light (LED or PL) instead of getting a completely new reef lights. Anyo
  11. Here's how it's working. Going to hijack my son's larger tank to make sump 2.0 VID_20200825_113356.mp4
  12. I have a similar sized tank and was using a quiet fan when I had plants it in. Works well but high evaporative loss of about 1.0-1.3L daily. Running a peltier 24x7 for a 50L will need min 4 to 6 chips. Its then drawing approx 420W 24x7 - don't make sense for the performance and inadequate if intending to have corals. Rather stick to a quiet fan for a FO tank if possible. Took a risk on a group buy in Carousell for a Made in China 1/10HP chiller (significantly cheaper than comparable Hailea). Its performance is great so far. Very pleased with it though reliability yet to be to proven o
  13. Made an overflow box with common materials for my 50L nano tank so that filter maintenance will be easy and allow me have more filtration choices - 2 longish food containers (raided from my kitchen) - 9mm aquarium tubings for overflow - 12mm plastic tube cut to short length as holders to hold the overflow tubings better and neatly (optional) - a small bulkhead - coarse sponge to reduce splash and noise - small fish tank as sump with acrylic plates cut and siliconed to make the baffles - a couple of clamps and support to hold the overflow boxes The idea is of course from
  14. I just pickup this hobby again after 20yrs. Many new tricks and toys on the market. Regarding salinity measurement, I bought a simple swingarm type and a even cheaper floating hydrometer which was what I use in the 90s. Fortunately both readings are pretty close. Also bought online a refractometer as well a cheapo digital one out of curiosity (never use these during my time). You need the calibration fluid. Common in the shops and online is the Salifert brand.
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