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  1. whoaaa nice tank man!! large enough for you to swim in hehehehe
  2. try BioOcean at Cactus Road (yio chu kang) got a lot of nice ones there
  3. Not saying you, but I personally know a lot of Man U fans who are quite sore loser one. Perhaps that is the culture that Ferguson has fostered over the years at the club and some fans kena influenced by his comments after every loss or even sometimes draw.
  4. actually dunno y people so in love with mermaid... yah, the upper body is chio, but the lower body is a FISH!!! don't think you can, er, you-know-what with a fish... some of you maybe can, i don't wanna know
  5. not sure if the smell means all his bacteria are dead... thought that it is becos of the pockets of gases that have been trapped that are now being released...
  6. this is the blog of the person who actually made the asian prince thing. it's a joke lah. http://www.thenoel.org/blogstorage/2004_04.html#000030
  7. how about get some tank janitors? as in, sally-lightfoot crabs or turbo snails? they will eat algae...
  8. i suggest you go to the basement of wisma atria and look at the fake corals there in the fish tank and then decide if you really want fake corals in your tank
  9. It's definitely fake. He doesn't appear in ANY picture with another person. The photos are clearly taken from somewhere else... obviously the website maker isn't even the person who he claims is in the photo.
  10. wash with salt water... if you wash with fresh water you might as well use dead sand as all the live bacteria will up lorry...
  11. actually, people keep talking about how if pires didn't dive Arsenal wouldn't have won the game. That's not necessarily true. If Pires didn't dive, Arsenal wouldn't have gotten the penalty. It doesn't mean they wouldn't have won the game later by scoring in open play. Similarly, Rooney dived, and Ferdinand and RvN both should have been sent off. But, doesn't mean Man U wouldn't have won anyway from a goal somewhere. You can't just "minus off" the controversial incidents and assume the rest of the game would have played out the same. Who knows, had Ferdinand been sent off earlier, Man U might have rallied and played even harder and put in four goals. Like when Liverpool had a man sent off against Fulham, they put in two more goals later. Let's just accept that there was cheating/rough play going on in the game, but the result still stands and no point saying who should have won.
  12. yah this is hilarious! i have to say, whoever made that website has a great sense of humour... since the audience are mainly ang-mohs, they have no idea what his name means in chinese... so they dunno it is a prank. wahahahahahah
  13. actually flame angels already display 4-D numbers, you just need bar-code scanner at NTUC to read!
  14. yeah i hope my four-month FOWLR training with pellets will be enough! yeah, guess i will slowly introduce corals and pray hard that the flame dun like them...
  15. hi bro you have a flame angel in your reef tank... will that attack your corals? i am converting my FOWLR into a reef tank too, but can't bear to get rid of my flame angel any advice on how i can keep the flame with corals?
  16. a chio mermaid would definitely be interesting
  17. got newspaper report say it was cole trying to throw at RvN but missed and hit fergie instead. in the UK they are speculating whether it was mushroom soup or baked beans. then you would know if it was campbell's or heinz's.
  18. Arsenal 1.Dispar_anthias 2.LVCAP 3.that was niceeeee 4. Roidan (Actually more of an ANTI-ManU fan....support any team that play against ManU ) 5. Rav-65 ( since 1990) 6. Shawncel 7. Nautical 8.yus (since Arsène Wenger in charge at Highbury since September 1996) 9. harris(since Liam Brady ,Charlie George n not to forget Pat Jennings time) 10. shiraz(since ian wright, steve bould, george graham time) 11. piglet **1st club to reach 10 supporters!!!** Manchester United 1. terryansimon (since 1987!) 2. mv3i ( since 1980's) .... gosh i'm old liao 3. auberon (since small boy! think also abt. 80's) 4. jesperlam (Ever since Cantona's Era!!!) 5. jOO (since early 90s) 6. Rav-65 ( since 1990 ) 7. espresso( since 1996) man...i look so young here..haa. 8. Ekia (since 1994) 9. Yellowbelly (since gary pallister and steve bruce) 10. JustinK (80's, Captain Marvel Robson time) 11. aStRoBo| (since cantona's days) Liverpool 1. hkching (since 1987) 2.flamey(look at avatar! u'll neva walk alone!! go spanish revolution!!!) 3. Orgasbt (since the 90s) 4. Damien (since Ian Rush, John Barnes and the rest ) 5. planetG (since Kenny Daglish and Souness whipped other club's asses) it's pretty strange that no many support the biggest club in England in terms of history and honours! i can only suspect there are many younger dudes ard! 6. Phewbacca (1984 Milk Cup; for those born after me, that's the equivalent of the Carling cup now) 7. Blue.Tang (since ian rush) 8. XPeriment 626 (since rushie's time too) Chelsea 1. Vinoth 2. 35Cents (Since Zola n Vialli) Tottenham Hotspur 1. Lightningstrike (since Chris Waddle, Gary Lineker, Paul Gascoigne) 2. Pangz 3. jc85 (SSSC) Newcastle United 1. junyong84
  19. well guess what? old horse-face just got charged by the FA for dangerous play and could face a three-match ban.
  20. that was the worst performance i've seen by a referee in a very long time!
  21. yah, somehow watching the setup of a new tank is more fun than seeing the finished tank
  22. yah but if the fishes hide inside the rocks to sleep, cannot reach even if they are stone mah
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