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  1. hi fellow reefers, started cycling my redsea reefer 170 3 weeks ago Week 1 - with raw prawn. dosed 2 vials of Biodigest and 500ml of Fritz Zyme 9. Week 2 - removed old prawn and put in new prawn. 40% WC within the first 2 weeks, Ammonia started spiking at day 3 to 1.5ppm and came down to 0.5ppm on day 10. Nitrite spiked to 4ppm at day 4 and Nitrate spiked to 100pm at day 3. as soon as i saw ammonia dropping on day 10, i was happy. then nitrite dropped to 2ppm on day 14 - even happier. Week 3 - removed old prawn and started dosing ammonia from Brightwell. 30% WC, dosed
  2. Lemme know! Pref less than 1 year. 9452 44nine8
  3. Hi interested to deal today @ BP. Can msg me? 9452 44nine8
  4. Hello! i currently have a freshwater tank but wish to try out saltwater! i am looking for a 2 ft marine tank with cabinet, hood. preferably IOF system because i know 2ft cannot possibly contain both sump + possible chiller if need be. have been to Jireh and currently, the 2ft tank package seems like the most cost-effective option i have (vis a vis Redsea Max170D/Redsea Reefer 170 and buying the item separately) i am looking to keep 1 blue/yellow OR 1 powder blue, and 2 clownfishes, 1 shrimp and 1 or 2 cleaner wrasse and perhaps some easy corals to brighten up the display tank. w
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