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  1. https://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/topic/183503-help-please-id-this-disease/?tab=comments#comment-1917151 Fish in quarantine for a month. Still has mouthrot. Everything else is ok. I have tried a ton of meds. Now using furan-2 and kanaplex in water. Before that i use neoplex + furan-2 + sulphaplex in water with focus+ kanaplex but it just wont go away. Too much meds and it wont eat. Or is more time needed? It has been a month. Last 2 weeks, fish is healthy and eating with furan-2 + kanaplex but mouthrot wont go away it seems. I have used some general cure, prazipro
  2. Just to add. Fish is in perfect condition now and mouthrot is almost completely gone. The tank has a quarter to half dose of furan-2, cupramine and prazipro with some general cure. I fed garlic + hikari and kanaplex+ focus pellets. Kanaplex + focus pellets were used once a day only. Fish is fed in small quantities 3-4 times a day. I believe the kanaplex helped alot. I hope this info could help others with similar solutions in future.
  3. Is it normal for test kit to show high nitrite due to medications?
  4. The fish is doing great now. It looks normal but I will be keeping him in quarantine for the next 2 weeks just to be safe. Thanks for all the tips here Wat solved it was cupramine + prazipro + furan-2. I fed abit of focus + kanaplex on 2 occasions but I am not sure if that did anything. Hikari seaweed pellets was fed 2-3 times a day, of which half of it is soaked in garlic. A mistake I made was to add rocks in there. Apparently, the rock was leeching ammonia which is why my seachem ammonia sticker turned green quickly. and I had to keep changing water Salinity was kept around 1.12-
  5. The fellow looked better yesterday but now, it looks like this. I fed it some focus with kanaplex yesterday but it stopped eating that as of this morning. Wat else should I do? Add furan-2?
  6. It does eat hikari seaweed pellets. I am just wondering if i should add seachem focus with it or garlic, etc. Mine has never ate seaweed. I have it though. The two little fishes one iirc. Do u know why the mouth of the foxface is brown?
  7. Hi bros, There has been an improvement from before but the mouth now has a brown color infection of some sort. Should i feed it food with focus or garlic to help? It took some food with focus back then but didnt eat much of it. The tank still has cupramine and some prazi in it. Any tips appreciated. Thanks
  8. I see. I will do so. I hope the fish survives. Thanks for the assistance.
  9. Should I just slowly increase salinity back to around 1.20? It is now at 1.14 For marine velvet, prazipro does not work right? Only cupramine works? Thanks for the info
  10. Please Help. This is day 2. I have prazipro + cupramine in the tank. It will eat normal Hikari seaweed extreme pellets. He will at only1-2 pellets with metroplex + focus and then stop. Salinity is at around 1.014 What should i do? Is the treatment right?
  11. It had black spots all over earlier, at all times. Then it became whitespots and brown spots around the white part near its face. It isnt due to stress. This tank recently had a disease issue and few fishes I had died. I have since dosed cupramine, general cure, furan-2 and left it for a few weeks. I then use cuprisorb and charcoal to remove them. The foxface was ok for 2 months and now he is sick. Hmmmm. After this, I am gonna do an overhaul. However, my other fish, a yellow tail blue dottyback, which is in the same tank isnt sick at all. I hope my fish survives. Thanks fo
  12. Ok, I added a hiding spot for him. Does lower salinity help at all for this? Or does it not matter?
  13. ok man thanks. Should i soak the food in focus or other meds? I have seachem meds. Any good temperature to keep it at? It is now around 27.5
  14. ok i got better pics. Prazipro and half cupramine does now in QT. Praying hard.... Anything else i can do? Suggestions welcome. Thanks
  15. ok i added some cupramine on top of prazipro. Both work fine together according to other sources. Hope all goes well. It used to be black spots...now it is white and the skin isnt a good color.
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