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  1. one RPE left! 4 heads + 3 babies. @ $15
  2. Red People Eaters! some excess from my main colony. Also have DingDangs for sale, for anyone interested. RPEs $15each. DingDangs $10 for 4 polyps. Collection at Redhill MRT or 150104. Photos taken with iPhone XR with temperature correction. RPE main colony for reference: Cheers!
  3. @peedeers ahh i see okay will try that. Thanks for the input! My main concern about maintaining dKH levels with water changes is that I will only be able to replenish the levels once a week, and might result in drops and spikes, and would much prefer the stable approach of daily dosing. I also do not have the extra time to do mid week water changes as well Will 1.025 be on the dangerous side however? My tank experiences fluctuations every day as I dont have an ATO, I'm afraid the heightened salinity to 1.027 at max will have adverse effects on the microfauna in my tank.
  4. i do 10% every week, and measuring with red sea pro test kit!
  5. Hi all! Would like to gather some opinions and experiences regarding dosing KH and Ca for mixed reefs before i start to do so myself. My current levels for my Major Elements are: Alk: 4.7 dKH, Ca: 390ppm, Mg: 1120ppm. this wasn’t too much of a surprise since I havent actually dosed since the start of the tank 5 months ago. I have a small Acan Lord colony, 3 headed Duncans and 1 Forest fire digitata frag, but i intend to increase stock gradually with LPS/SPS in the future. Currently, I’m looking for a 2 part/ solution that doesnt require rigging up a dosing pump; i intend t
  6. Photosynthetic gorgonians trimmings! 2 x 15cm tall pieces: $15 each. 2 x 5cm tall frags: FOC! great for beginners if you wanna try gorgonians out Collection at 150104/ Redhill MRT. FOC pieces at my block please
  7. Collection @150104 / Redhill MRT DingDang People Eater Zoanthids - $10 | $7 (ID: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/ding-dang-people-eaters.106400/) Pandora Paly Frag - $10 (ID: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/wwc-pandora-palys-etc.74251/ ) Mini Colony: $20 Green Finger Leather: $8 (Attached to rubble)
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