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  1. As per title, looking for BTA that are green in color. PM me pls.
  2. About thumb size. Active and eats, pellets, mysis, flakes etc. It was doing well in my tank with other bigger and similar sized fish. But selling to decrease bioload as I want another type of trigger. Its damn cute $20 collection at 730429 96eighttwo358nine
  3. Where would you put the compressor in the living room? Next to the tank?
  4. What other fishes eat hair algae? ive tried tangs, and rabbit fish.. so far they don’t like it.
  5. I bought a tiny Picasso trigger and have been in my display with other fishes. Seems to be living in harmony. Wondering if it will start to seek for blood after it grows to a certain size?
  6. Got this HK150a chiller too! Works great!
  7. Where are you located at ? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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