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  1. Anyone have, looking for smaller specimens? Can PM price and pic. Collection location preferably in the west.
  2. Hi guys, think this is his fb. Bought a new nano reefer it seems. https://www.facebook.com/zaclow.junjie If not allowed to post on this forum, pls let me know, will remove.
  3. Seeing that it's an SPS dominant tank, do you dose it?
  4. CRA quoted ~1.3-1.4k for normal glass N30 also ~1.3k for normal glass with euro bracing. Seems like mass produced ones may indeed be cheaper from economies of scale.
  5. Reputable ones are probably N30/ CRA. I'm trying to get quote from them too for a 3x1.5x1.5 ft tank. But seems like red sea line could be cheaper.
  6. WTB IM Nuvo 20/25g all in one set, if you have similar 2ftx1.5ft IOS, open to it as well. PM me please, thank you!
  7. Hi all, Looking to get into the hobby of reef keeping, and looking to start with a 2nd hand tank set (pref 20G and above). Please PM or let me know via this thread if you have to let go. Thanks!
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