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  1. Both sold. Thanks. Please close this thread.
  2. Branching torch 2 heads at $50 I have 2 pieces. Both open 6cm to 8cm. Selling $50 each. Interested please pm me. Thanks
  3. Selling Dragon Soul at $120 Or Exchange it with a nice brain/trachyphyllia /wellsophyllia The dragon soul open up to 4cm to 5cm. Purple body green top. Interested please pm me. Thanks
  4. Price revised to $120 deal today. Pm if interested. Thanks
  5. Not in hurry to sell. Very stable and good size
  6. Healthy and stable in tank for more than one month already. Selling due to change of target, recently interested for scolymia. Dragon soul open up to 4-5cm Very nice piece, don't miss it... Selling for $140
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