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  1. wow, really floating sia.. haha. What livestock do you have?
  2. ATO so salinity won't swing too much and a skimmer and weekly water change.
  3. Great insight and knowledge for new reefer. I own a 10g reef tank Its small but i still enjoy my little ocean, slow and steady is the key to success.
  4. You can try. - Check your water quality , is it clean TDS 0 (use RODI water) - Weekly water change with clean water ( help control your nutrient lvl ) - Remove/pull out the Green hair algae in tank and Add Cleanup crew turbo snail etc.. - Don't over feed fish/coral - Light ( may want to reduce it if you dun have coral in your tank )
  5. Use clean water. RODI water... Don't rush in adding many livestock... Water change weekly.
  6. Previously using the small Peltier NANO chiller, didn't last long. Currently using the Hailea Hs-28A 1/10hp for 2years on my 10g IM reef tank tank. A bit loud when the Chiller kick in. Put it in cupboard, will help in reducing the sound. IMO, Get the Biggest you can afford.
  7. Cool Nano Tank !!! Is the Nero 5 wavemaker too strong for your setup?
  8. Best to go with RODI / distilled water, TapWater too much impurities, create more nutrients problem later on.
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