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  1. A wet dry sump for the chemical + mechanical filtration (carbon, ultra phos). An Oase canister, lined in to a macro algae reactor for the bio filtration. 25% weekly water changes. No skimmer. Too aggressive nutrient removal is no good for NPS. Food at all times in the water. Skimmer inhibits that. Nitrate 25ppm. Phosphate 0.03ppm. Weekly tests. Rocksteady.
  2. Marine snow and phytoplankton. Broadcast feed every morning. rotifers x 2, mysis x 5, brine shrimp x 2, mixed with cyclops and/or ROE. Target feeding every evening. a snack of rotifer or cyclops in the afternoon. Used to feed reefroids. But I find reefroids tend to foul the water. So I stopped.
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