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  1. Letting go my 2 maxima clams Brownish one with gold drops/patterns 11cm+/- @$150 Blue one-6cm +/- @$120
  2. planning well and considering factors such as choosing the right light source would be important as this would be your main source of energy for the corals. the right setup/equipment, appropriate live stock and maintenance schedule
  3. they are reef safe but can eventually become aggressive, if placed with more timid fish
  4. i saw some at specialised aquatics the other day, buy ya really depends on shipments also
  5. very cool, not an expert but most marine crabs have tiny planktonic larval stage that makes it difficult to raise in captivity. one area u might wanna look into is feeding them the right sized live food at the different stages.
  6. Specialised Aquatics solutions has a good selection, may be slightly pricy though
  7. looks like damaged to me, suggest u do a good dip and place in shaded area with good water peremerters
  8. u should plan your tank mates in advance cos nano fish usually get bullied if placed with wrong tank mates also get a hardy species that would feed easily
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