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  1. Since I changed back to Red Sea Coral Pro salt, I decided to slowly switch additives to Red Sea as well. Starting with Foundation A which is calcium, compared with seacham I used to use for a very long time. Red Sea is slightly better value for money and it is easier for me to use as no need to weight and mix the powder anymore. It doesn't leave residue in the dosing container which is another plus. I guess it is the same with all liquid type additives. The bottle can even be connected to the dosing pump directly, so no more dosing container. Also, Red Sea says their Calcium includes Strontium and Barium which are used up at same ratios as calcium, so its great to be keeping all three chemicals balanced at the same time. I still dilute with RODI water to use with my dosing pump for a more steady Calcium level. My calcium is kept at 450. Also checked the red sea my recipe, the recommended dosing amount of each element is slightly different then my calculated amount but it is a good starting point for some one just started and can slowly adjust to their own situation. The Red Sea Recipe Widget, for supplementing is pretty cool. You can check it at: https://www.redseafish.com/myrecipe/ My recipe for a mixed reef with balanced color and growth is Salinity 34 ppt, Calcium 450 ppm, Magnesium 1350 ppm, Alkalinity 11.5 dkh, Nitrate 2 ppm and Phosphate 0.1 ppm. I found PO4 0.1 ppm is a little high for my tank and I like to keep it under 0.1ppm. So overall, very happy with Red Sea Calcium. Next, I will try their trace colors. So far, I found the red sea progrom is easy and simple to use. Again, just my two cents. Happy days!
  2. I haven't noticed anything to be honset.
  3. Just sharing my two cents. I had used Red Sea Coral Pro Salt for about 6 years before I switched to Aquaforest probiotic reef salt. I was hoping to get a lower Alk level and more importantly help to better manage the no3 and po4 as per the Aquaforest flyers. After using Aquaforest the Alk was lowered to about 8.4 and Ca was stable at 450 which was good but the Mg was totally off the chart. It slowly increased from 1320 to all the way 1740 in about 5 months’ time. I also tested the newly mixed water and the Mg was at 1750. I did check the Aquaforest salt online and it appears their test result was within the range, not sure what happened. I searched online and found I was not the only one having the high Mg issue with Aquaforest salt. So, I decided to switch back to the Coral pro salt and bought one 22kg bucket. Coral pro is still very easy to mix unlike the probiotic salt which I always got small undissolved lumps. The Red Sea can also check your salt batch online which is very good https://www.redseafish.com/my-batch/ After using Coral pro Salt again, my Mg has been reduced from 1740 back to 1360 in about 3 months time and doing 20% water change per week. Alk has been increased to 9.5 and my Corals are all happy and my 7+ year old clownfish started to lay eggs every fortnight since about a month ago. I will keep using Coral pro. Sometimes the old ways are the best.
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