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  1. Want to sell a Green tip anemone . Open to palm size . selling @ 40 dollar .
  2. Up. with receipt and under warranty by seasonal .
  3. Thanks Bro ! Price reduced to 200. cheers
  4. Now you may be right .. but I recalled he told me this was 2.0 . maybe I was mistaken . Thanks for correcting Evo .
  5. Hi bro , im sure (: thanks
  6. Attached photo for reference .
  7. Selling a brand new NYOS Torq 2.0. Note: Almost brand new as I only recently finish cycling my tank and realise my sump is too small to accommodate this reactor as I test run it thus almost . with box and receipt ( 1 year warranty from seasonal ) . selling for $220. also selling a Brand new All in one advanced Biopellets ( 1000ml) selling for $100
  8. Hi Giving away a ten inch feeding tube . reason giving it away : as the saying goes , the longer , the thicker , the better : collection at Serangoon.
  9. Haha damn , I had a good laugh. sorry for the typo error . stay safe and enjoy reefing .
  10. Hello Bigdick , Forum being like all other online platform are subjected to all kind of views. I believe whatever “exchange” is happening here is with the intention to help this community , or the very least new reefers. not everyone share the same views etc ... let’s move on without any hard feelings
  11. I think there’s been a few opportunist seller trying to rip off high prices .. no hard feeling bro ....
  12. Impressive... your commitment to raise them...
  13. Had similar encounter before, the carousell team can only ban his account. Sigh, i know how it must have felt. have to practice more cation when dealing as such platform. Maybe his one of the user here?
  14. If you have shared the dimension and he insist it's doable, why dont return it back to him? Should exposed all this unethical practices .
  15. I think when it comes to the integrity of your building , only yourself or the condo management are in the right position to advice However , I don’t see how is it an issue if it can house people . im fairly new to this hobby and all I can advise is do not make the same mistake that I do. to hurry thru the cycling process and start introducing livestock . a strong foundation is the key to success in reefing. Do not be lured by the dark force ... ha ha. enjoy and welcome to this hobby Z
  16. I reckon this is the most ideal “space” to create this thread , should it violate any rules moderators are free to delete it . Venturing into reefing have been nothing but a roller coaster ride. Up and down and at times I feel I’m actually preparing for my degree examination. Understanding water parameters , various individual opinions , and also lastly , the heavy marketing of equipments . I entered this hobby with zero guidance , zero knowledge and unfortunately with a impatient mentality . I look at my Google search history and unknowingly realise one of the most search initi
  17. I set up my UV as such . water go thru my chiller , chiller output link to my Uv and back to my sump... not sure if it can work this way .... anyone could advice ?
  18. Thanks for sharing . Will never be able to execute something like this .
  19. Very informative write up . Thank you
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